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More and More Police Cars Equipped with License Plate Readers in Maryland

Ever wonder what those boxes on the trunks of police cars are in Maryland? A few years ago, Maryland police cars began installinglicense plate readers (LPRs) on the trunks of their cars. There are cameras inside these boxes that scan and photograph the license plates of passing cars or parked cars. An alarm will sound for the police officer if a violator is detected by checking vehicle registration records, warrants, and the criminal database. The LPRs can “scan 1,800 plates a minute—on cars going as fast as 150 mph.”

Today, more and more police cars in Maryland are using this technology to track down people with suspended driver’s licenses, expired tags, several unpaid parking tickets, outstanding warrants, and more serious criminal offenses. The LPRs are well-liked by police because they make their job much easier and have led to several traffic citations and the arrests of several violent criminals.

With this new technology becoming more prominent in Maryland, drivers cannot just slow down and drive the speed limit, thinking they can hide from police because the LPRs will scan their plates and alert an officer of a suspended license or expired registration. Maryland drivers can no longer conceal their traffic violations because LPRs will find them and alert police officers. There is even more incentive now for drivers to keep their vehicle registration current, their driver’s licenses current, and to pay their parking tickets on time.

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