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Deadly Tractor-Trailer Collision Results in $8.3 Million Settlement

In July 2013, the Johnson family from Virginia was involved in a head-on collision with a tractor-trailer. The driver of the truck ran through a two-way stop with a flashing red light, hitting the Johnson family’s car and causing catastrophic injuries. Unfortunately, Mrs. Johnson, mother of two children also in the car, died instantly, while the others survived.Mr. Johnson suffered several injuries, including permanent paralysis.Mr. Johnson’s brother sustained a broken jaw and broken leg. The children suffered injuries as well. In addition, a second car was also hit in the crash and the driver’s leg was broken, resulting in permanent disability.

Through mediation, all parties were able to come to an agreement on a settlement. With all members of the Johnson family and the second driver included, the total settlement amount was $11 million. The Johnson’s received $8.3 million of that in their settlement. Individual parties also settled for additional amounts, including Mrs. Johnson’s estate receiving $900,000 and Mr. Johnson received $550,000.The children each received $150,000 for their injuries as well.

As the injuries in this case show, accidents involving tractor-trailers or eighteen-wheel trucks are much different than your typical auto accident. Truck accidents result in more severe damage and injury to victims. Large trucks are involved in disastrous accidents in large part due to the difficulty stopping quickly, jackknifing when trying to stop quickly, the large turning radius, and driver fatigue. In this case, it is unknown if driver fatigue played a role in causing the truck driver to run the stop light or if it was just driver negligence.

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