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Maryland Suspended License or Registration Attorney

Maryland Drivers With Unpaid Toll Violations Are at Risk for Having Registration Suspended

Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA) warned drivers today to pay their toll violations or their vehicle registrations will be suspended or flagged for non-renewal. There is an estimated $7.1 million in accumulated unpaid tolls in Maryland. MdTA will begin sending letters to approximately 131,000 vehicle owners, “informing them they will have their vehicle registration blocked or yanked entirely if they don’t pay what they owe in tolls and associated citations.” A majority of the toll violators lacked an E-ZPass device but went through specified E-ZPass lanes anyway. Others arrived at tolls without any money and failed to follow directions for how to pay.

Last year, Maryland’s General Assembly passed legislation allowing the MdTA to “either suspend or block the renewal of those drivers’ registrations if they don’t pay up within 30 days.” A majority of the 131,000 violators have unpaid tolls and civil penalties totaling less than $1,000 and will have their registrations flagged for nonrenewal if they fail to settle their debts. However, there are approximately 9,000 drivers who owe more than $1,000 in tolls and civil penalties. The MdTA said, “if they don’t pay, they will be referred to the MVA for immediate suspension of their registration.”

Drivers can contest the toll violations and civil citations in District Court if they believe an error has been made.

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