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Baltimore City to Pay $250,000 for Alleged First and Fourth Amendment Violations

The city of Baltimore is set to pay $250,000 to Christopher Sharp who claims that law enforcement officers took his cellphone and deleted a recording he took of police officers making an arrest in 2010. While the police deny the allegations, the attorneys state they are settling the case to resolve the issue at hand in an effort to save time, money, and uncertainties. The way I see it, this is their attempt to assuage public outrage.

Last year, the police conducted an investigation into Mr. Sharp's past in order to portray him as a drug addict, contacting his ex-wife and former employers for personal information. While the police were admonished for their actions, it cannot be denied that some police officers choose to take advantage of the power instilled in them. This case has led to new policies that uphold the right of the individual to record police officers. Thankfully, this is one step towards holding police officers accountable for their actions towards individuals.