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Personal Injury Attorneys Celebrate with the Chinese Community in the New Year

As the Chinese community welcomes the year of the wooden horse, the attorneys at Portner & Shure look forward to another year of prosperity and success. To celebrate the promise of possibilities a new year brings, Jonathan Portner, accompanied by his wife Valerie Portner and our Chinese Marketing Director Serena Chen, joined the United States-China Association of Commerce, Inc. in their 20th Anniversary and Lunar New Year celebration. The United States-China Association of Commerce, Inc. is an association exclusively made up of entrepreneurs and professionals with a mission of promoting economic, technological, and cultural exchange between the United States and China. Because of their prestige, many influential members of the Chinese community are associated with this organization.

With growing political and economic interactions between these two powerful nations, the United States-China Association of Commerce represents diplomatic good-will and understanding between these very different countries. It is said that the year of the wooden horse is one in which many will remain firm in their principles, making negotiations difficult. It is fortunate that organizations such as the United States-China Association strive to facilitate these discussions to ease these likely tensions. Portner & Shure is proud to be a part of this influential association and is just one of the many ways in which we continually support and integrate ourselves into the growing Chinese community.