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Montgomery County, Maryland Bicycle Accident Attorney

Due to the nice weather last Monday, a Montgomery County resident went for a bike ride but was tragically killed after being struck by a water utility truck. Police said the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission truck was driving on Darnestown Road, near Quince Orchard Road when he began to turn left on a green light. At the same time, the bicyclist, who was wearing a helmet, was riding in the far right lane when he too started to turn on a green light. The truck collided with the bicycle at the entrance of a shopping center, and the bicyclist could not save his life at the scene. All indications are that this was an accident. It is unfortunate that these kinds of accidents are occurring more often, and drivers must remain aware of their surroundings and be cautious of bicyclists on the road.

There are several important factors in a Maryland bicycle accident suit. If your case makes it to trial, a jury will consider the following factors:

Damage to the bicycle and any vehicles involved in the crash

The party or parties at fault in the bike accident

What arguments can the defendant’s attorney make for the defendant not being liable

The presence of drugs or alcohol

Injuries suffered by all parties, including wrongful death damages

Severity and permanency of injuries

Pain and suffering resulting from the accident

Witnesses of the accident and their credibility

Juries offer larger awards to victims when there are serious permanent injuries and all evidence points to the defendant being at fault. However, it is up to your attorney to present evidence in a manner that clearly explains wrongful death damages and/or the extent and nature of the injuries. Bicycle accident victims must choose an experienced personal injury attorney with abundant litigation skills in order to receive the compensation they deserve.

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