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Ocean City, Maryland DUI / DWI Attorney

Pleading Guilty to an Ocean City, Maryland DUI Charge

Many of those who are convicted of a DUI are offered a plea bargain. This means there is an offer for a lesser charge, or other concessions from prosecution if the defendant states that he was guilty. It is very difficult for those who are charged with a DUI to know and understand if their plea bargain is truly a good deal - only an experienced DUI attorney can help you to determine the right choice to make: plea or fight.

Many who plead guilty without the advice of an experienced Ocean City, Maryland DUI attorney may not truly realize the consequences of their plea. The first thing to realize about pleading guilty is that you are waving all of your Constitutional rights in your case! This means that any right, such as your right to remain silent or your right to a trial, are forfeited.

After pleading guilty, you are convicted of the offense against you. Many fail to realize this simple fact: a guilty plea is the same as a conviction. After you have chosen to plead guilty, it will be extremely difficult for you to withdraw your guilty plea. This means that it is essential to understand the possible penalties that you face when pleading guilty. In Maryland, a first offense DUI charge can land you with up to 1 year in jail and up to a $1,000 fine and a license suspension of up to 6 months, with a minimum of 45 days.

Portner & Shure has seen many cases in which clients had a good chance to fight their DUI charge in ways that the client did not even realize. There are also often offers for unfair plea bargains when a defendant faces their charges alone as opposed to alongside an attorney with an aggressive reputation. An experienced Ocean City, Maryland DWI Lawyer from Portner & Shure will help explain to you the mitigating and aggravating factors of your particular case and guide you to determine the best course of action to take.

An experienced Maryland DUI attorney who has seen countless DUI cases understands that there are many ways to succeed in a case, from getting a client a better plea deal, a lesser punishment, to even getting a "not guilty" finding. The complexities that are involved with a DUI case are too many to count. It is advised that you seek the counsel of a knowledgeable Maryland drunk driving attorney and have them review your case to discuss your options.

One of the best aspects of Portner & Shure is that they offer a risk-free consultation for clients. This means that an experienced Ocean City DUI attorney will speak with you about your case for free. Furthermore, our experienced Ocean City DUI lawyers are able to help clients who do not speak English or speak English as a second language. Our trained multilingual paralegals work closely with our highly-ranked Maryland DUI lawyers to help clients who speak Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese.

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