Short Pump

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Our convenient Richmond area office is easily accessible to all our clients from Short Pump.  As Short Pump’s population has increased in recent years so has the amount of serious automobile accidents.  Further, with the development of more commercial properties, such as the Short Pump Town Center and other massive shopping and living spaces, most notably West Broad Village, the area has seen a rise in both construction and slip and fall accidents. In addition to personal injury accident and medical malpractice claims, Portner & Shure also handles mass tort actions including both Hernia Mesh and Invokana. 

The experienced attorneys in our law firm have litigated cases throughout Virginia for almost 20 years and we think of ourselves as the top accident attorneys in Virginia. Short Pump deserves top rated National Lawyers who obtain top results. While past settlements are no guarantee of future success, we have recovered over 250 million from the major insurance carriers.

Short Pump now has a top personal injury firm located nearby. Further, in the event you do not speak English, our staff has personal injury paralegals that speak Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese. Language or distance is no longer an impediment for top rated representation.