Portner & Shure Client Testimonials

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Our recoveries of over $25 million a year for our injured clients is clearly not all that matters. Client satisfaction with our service throughout the process is critical to obtaining our top awards.

We offer these testimonials to underscore both the satisfaction and results of our injury and criminal defense clients. We are proud of our consistent top awards for our clients and proud of their satisfaction with the service of our lawyers and paralegals. In fact, as indicated below, many of our clients are often eager to provide testimonials.

Any results we were able to achieve for these satisfied clients were dependent on the facts of that case. These are not representative of the results or recovery you might receive because results vary from case to case.

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I am very grateful with the law firm Portner & Shure because I was kept up to date each step of the way when it came to my case. Because of them I was able to pay all my medical expenses and I am very satisfied with my settlement amount. I want to give thanks to the great lawyers and their knowledge; they made it possible for me to have a pleasurable experience.

-M.A.H. (Manassas, Virginia), Case #214504

Thank you so much for all your help, Portner & Shure. Especially Lora who helped me and fought with the adjuster for my negotiation. I want to thank Heather too for helping me to communicate well with the insurance companies and giving me a status update on my case. Before I got into an accident, I was not aware that the accident claims were so complicated, but because I had Lora and Heather, I was able to relax and had a good treatment. Again, Thank you.

-T.G.S. (Baltimore, Maryland), Case #214055

"Thank you for all your help throughout this process. It's hard to believe it been almost a year. Thank you for your patience answering all my questions and handling all the rescheduling issues. We were very pleased with the final judgement. We were very fortunate to have Jon on our side and he's learned a very valuable lesson".

-T.J.M. (Columbia, Maryland), Case #214469

"Thanks Portner & Shure, and especially to Christina Ruhl for assisting me in my automobile accident case. I had doubts about how the case would play out in court, but Christina was always confident and reassuring, no matter what allegations and tactics were used by defense counsel. Her demeanor in the courtroom was very professional and respectful at all times. I would not hesitate to obtain her services or refer clients to Portner & Shure for their legal needs. Thanks again!

-F.C. (Jessup, Maryland), Case #214368

After I came to the US, this was my first accdient. I was very frustrated because my sons were hurt, and didn't know what to do, but after I spoke to Ms. Heather, everything was taken care of step by step, and my son's treatement was finished up and everything was settled. Thank you for your prompt reply and your explanations for all of my questions. I don't want to get into another accident, but if I or my friends get into an accident, I will definately find Portner & Shure. Thank you.

-S.A.K. (Rosedale, Maryland), Case #214748

Thank you again for your representation & hard work to get me this very satisfactory settlement. I will certainly use you again if the need ever arises. Thanks.

-A.C. (Reisterstown, Maryland), Case #214426

Thank you again for your Representation & hard work to get me this very Satisfactory Settlement. I will certainly use you again if the need ever arises.

-A.C. (Reisterstown, Maryland), Case #214426

Elizabeth helped me in this case, from the beginning till the end. She was very friendly, answered all my questions, she is a professional, I will recommend them. Thanks Elizabeth for your help and dedication in my case.

-J.G. (Silver Spring, Maryland), Case #214193

Thank you for all of your work, Portner & Shure and Ms. Heather. I am bit disappointed that I am not your client anymore. Your kindness in every word and your careful concerns have made me happy while I was your client. I know that the settlement money came from my accident, but I know that you, Ms. Heather, had done a lot to get me to the point where I can get my case settled. I surly know that your professionalism and your kindness of taking care of the clients will be a good model for all the paralegals. If my friends and I get into an accident again, or need an attorney, I will suggest them to use your office and you. Thank you again.

-K.H.P. (Fairfax), Case #214480

"It was my first time to have a car accident in the U.S. I was frustrated because I am a foreigner and not familiar with MD law. However, after I met Heather Jung, all my concerns disappeared. She was very professional and always tried to handle with my case on my side. I do really appreciate her professional effort and STRONGLY recommend Heather if you have a car accident. Thanks again, Heather.

-D.K. (Baltimore, Maryland), Case #214389"