Portner & Shure Client Testimonials

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Our recoveries of over $25 million a year for our injured clients is clearly not all that matters. Client satisfaction with our service throughout the process is critical to obtaining our top awards.

We offer these testimonials to underscore both the satisfaction and results of our injury and criminal defense clients. We are proud of our consistent top awards for our clients and proud of their satisfaction with the service of our lawyers and paralegals. In fact, as indicated below, many of our clients are often eager to provide testimonials.

Any results we were able to achieve for these satisfied clients were dependent on the facts of that case. These are not representative of the results or recovery you might receive because results vary from case to case.

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Thank you so very much Mr. Portner and Mrs Ruhl....not to mention Rebbecca Dean. I got more than I ever thought possible when I stepped into there firm they told me I would be taken care of and they followed through with that. My company I was working for was covering up the fact they had put a claim out and mad my own insurance company pay for the accident I had while working for them. Portner and Shure got me the income I needed for my family and so I can start a life again. Thank you so very much.

-A.T. (Dunkirk, MD), Case #213478

I just wanted to say thank you and tell you I'm happy about how well you handled my case, thank you.

-M.S. (Millersville, MD), Case #215360

In the last couple of years I have used Portner & Shure and Christine Airey as my Paralegal support for my cases. Christine and the rest of the staff are hard working and in tune with in all the aspects of personal loss law and how to look out for their clients. I appreciate all the Law Firms hard work on my cases, especially Christine Airey, outstanding client support and clean communication.

-C.R. (Herndon, VA), Case #215827

I had a wonderful experience and had little or no worries with my case.

-J.P.D. (Columbia, MD), Case #215893

Portner and Shure P.A is very fast & nice working firm and I satisfied with their services. I want to thank to Jonathan Portner and Paralegal Amy Patton. Especially Grace! Thank you for Korean translating. You're so kind I really like you also I am really satisfied with my results. Thank you.

-C.S.J. (Columbia, MD), Case #216184

They handled my case great, kept me up to date & was nice. I love it.

-A.M. (Prince George's County, MD), Case #216301

I'd like to "Thank" Portner & Shure, and specifically their paralegal, Christiana Rowland, for the fantastic work done to help me with my auto accident. From handling the total loss of my vehicle to obtaining a great settlement on my behalf, Mrs. Rowland's communication and explanation of the claims process was extraordinary. I would (and have) recommended this firm to anyone in my family.

-K.B. (Knoxville, MD), Case #209782

Dear Heather, Thank you so much for all your work. I was really happy that we met a good attorney and good office for our case. Your work gave us a trust, and thank you for wrapping up the case so quickly. I wish we can be connected and will contact you if my friends or family need your firms help. Thank you.

-S.C.L. (Gainesville, VA), Case #215826

I have been extremely pleased with the handling of my auto accident case. Pam Brown, the paralegal handling my case, was very pleasant, prompt and always answered my questions timely. I am very pleased with my recovery and would most definitely use Portner & Shure again and would recommend them to my friends and family.

-M.W. (Upper Marlboro, MD), Case #214028

I am grateful for the services of Mrs. Pamela. At all times she took care of my case and thanks for her help because everything went perfectly. I would recommend the law firm Portner & Shure.

-O.M. (Hyattsville, MD), Case #214386