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Basic Overview of U.S. Immigration Law

The U.S. laws surrounding immigration involve a variety of situations, and there are several ways to gain entry from a foreign country, be it for permanent residence or temporary travel. The U.S. governs these entries for almost every circumstance, and your eligibility will be granted based on numerous deciding factors, including:

  • Family Immigration: Family Immigration Law is one of our specialties at Portner & Shure, and it boils down to two essential points—Proving familial relationship and filling out the Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative. Not all family members qualify for this immigration option. Immediate family members such as spouses, children, and parents are given preference over others.
  • Immigration for Employment Purposes: Obtaining a “green card” for employment purposes requires substantial legal knowledge. Your employer must fill out and submit a labor certification request to get this process started, and you must then submit an immigrant visa petition. There are five categories of eligible criteria under which you must qualify, including:
    1. Extraordinary Academia or Athleticism: Those with extraordinary ability in the fields of science, art, education, athletics, or business and include professors, researchers, and international business professionals.
    2. Advanced Education and Ability: People who hold advanced degrees or outstanding ability in the sciences, arts, or business sector.
    3. Professional Workplaces: Skilled workers, professional and other.
    4. “Special Immigrants:” Those who work for U.S. foreign service posts, retired international organization employees, religious workers, minors who are wards of United States courts, etc.
    5. Business Investors: Businessmen and women who plan to invest a minimum of $500,000 in new business endeavors which will employ ten or more U.S. workers full time.
  • Capital Investment Immigration: This falls under the fifth category of employment immigration and is for those who will create or save a certain number of U.S. jobs and benefit the U.S. economy by establishing a new business. An Immigration Petition by Alien Entrepreneur will need completed, filled, and approved.
  • Refugee Eligibility: Individuals and families who have suffered greatly in the past or are in danger of future suffering based on their religion, political view, race, religion, or group membership. Medical and security criteria must be met for approval.
  • The “Lottery:” The U.S. immigration lottery system is used in circumstances where someone’s home country has had minimal immigrants come to the United States in recent years. Immigrant visas are granted on the lottery-based system for 110,000 applicants each year but are restricted for countries who have immigrant numbers that exceed 50,000 within the last five years.

Criminal offenses further complicate the U.S. immigration process. If you’ve been charged with a crime, you may face consequences when it comes to your immigration application. Our criminal defense lawyers at Portner & Shure can help you maneuver through the criminal court system to reach the best outcome possible.

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