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Dinwiddie County is a small community enriched in American History, specifically civil war era. Before there were accidents in Dinwiddie, there was the Battle of Lewis’s Farm, Battle of Five Forks, Battle of Sutherland’s Station, Battle of White Oak Road, and notably, the Battle of Dinwiddie Court House. Our attorneys will now battle in the Dinwiddie court house for our clients.

Our Richmond office is easily accessible to residents in this area. Often times Dinwiddie cases stem from accidents on I-85 as well as other nearby major highways. Accidents in this area frequently involve buses, tractor trailers, and large trucks.

A small community like Dinwiddie deserves an injury firm with a national reputation, stellar results, and a top rating. Portner & Shure provides all three. We are recognized by the Best Attorneys of America organization and the National Top 100 Trial Lawyers. Results include over 250 milling in past recoveries and current recoveries verses the major carriers of approximately 25 million per year. We have the top 10.0 rating by Avvo and countless 5 star reviews.

On staff the firm has personal injury paralegals who speak Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese. Proximity of a top injury lawyer and language should not be a barrier to an excellent recovery.