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Car Accidents

Car Accident Resolved- 75000.0000

Jan 22, 2019

Client was involved in a York County, VA auto accident where he was first rear-ended, then side-swiped by the defendant. The impact left our client with significant injuries to his neck, back, and hips, after almost a year and a half of medical treatment, it was time to settle his claim. After Mrs. Airey submitted his claim to Farmers Insurance, Mr. Rahi stepped in and filed suit in the Circuit Court of York County Virginia. Mr. Rahi was able to obtain $50,000 from Farmers, and found an additional $25,000 through UM coverage with Meadowbrook Claims. The case settled only because the carrier was aware of a jury trial scheduled within a month.

Attorney: Simran Rahi

Paralegal: Christine Airey

T-Bone Accident Settlement- 100000.0000

Nov 1, 2017

T-bone accident where our client was driving straight on Route 50 and the Defendant pulled out from a side street and struck the driver’s side of our client’s vehicle. Client suffered serious injuries to his back and left hip. Our client was 25 at the time of the accident, very athletic, and in great physical condition. Erie’s offer was $80,000. Mr. Portner and Mrs. Sadler argued that during surgery the surgeon noted a significant CAM impingement. Clients inabilities and daily struggles were further argued. Erie conceded and offered the full policy.

Carrier: Erie Insurance

Attorney: Jonathan N. Portner

Paralegal: Sarah Sadler

Case No.: 220464

Automobile Accident Caused by Drunk Driver- 250000.0000

Jun 27, 2017

Automobile accident in Loudoun County, Virginia where our client was hit head-on by a drunk driver who was coming down Route 28 in the wrong direction. The defendant had a 0.17 blood alcohol concentration, therefore, punitive damages were possible. Our client’s vehicle had extensive damage and was deemed a total loss. Client suffered broken ribs, laceration on his right hand requiring stitches, and a dislocated shoulder. Suit was filed because the liability carrier failed to conclude their coverage investigation in a timely manner. Well after suit was filed, Nationwide made a $150,000 offer. After arguing with the liability adjuster, a new offer of $250,000 was extended and the case was settled.

Attorney: Kevin Ruby

Paralegal: Esther Yu

Case No: 219311

Carrier: Nationwide

Automobile Accident Caused by Negligent Driver- 180000.0000

Carriers: State Farm and Geico

Automobile accident where our client was cut off by the defendant who made an illegal left turn and then hit our client head-on. Our client’s vehicle had extensive damage and was deemed a total loss. Client suffered abrasions and numbness to her arms and hands, as well as soft tissue injuries to her neck and back. Liability insurance had a minimal policy of just $30,000, so an underinsured motorist (UIM) claim was created as well. The $30,000 policy was offered by liability insurance. After several weeks of negotiations by Mr. Portner and Ms. Phong with the UIM carrier, an offer of $150,000 was accepted.

Attorney: Jonathan Portner

Paralegal: Christine Phong

Case No.: 214502

May 2017

Case Settled with James River Insurance Company (Uber)- 500000.0000

Claim against James River Insurance Company (Uber). Alexandria Virginia accident claim. Client sustained an elbow fracture and multiple rib fractures. Elbow injury required surgery. Medical bills totaled $150,000. There was minimal permanency. Again, Mr. Portner was able to argue that the client’s daily activities were still adversely affected by the elbow injury and would continue to be.

Attorneys: Jonathan Portner & Richard Shure

Paralegal: Rebecca Dean

Case No.: 215737

January 2017

Case Settled Without Litigation for the Policy- 100000.0000

Claim against State Farm. Vienna, Virginia accident claim. Client sustained multiple fractures and was admitted to Fairfax Hospital. Experienced cognitive impairment. Case resolved for all the available insurance company.

Attorneys: Jonathan Portner & Richard Shure

Paralegal: Esther You

Case No.: 216335

October 2016

Auto Accident Resulting in Death- 1000000.0000

The Plaintiff was a passenger in the vehicle of the Defendant when the Defendant lost control of his vehicle and crossed over the center line and struck another vehicle head on. The Plaintiff died as a result of the accident. For confidentiality purposes the names of the parties cannot be disclosed.

Defense claimed that the Plaintiff was only entitled to recover from the limits of the Defendant driver's policy and not the owner of the vehicle's insurance policy, which was a commercial policy.

  • Initial Offer: $50,000.00
  • Settled: $1,000,000.00
  • Medical Expenses: $37,649.49
  • Funeral Expenses :$14,378.75

Case Settled While in Litigation with AIG Claims and Geico Insurance Companies Prior to Trial- 650000.0000

Fairfax County car accident claim, wrongful death. No offer prior to our filing a lawsuit. Client was a passenger. The claim was presented again Virginia Department of Transportation and a private contractor for not properly marking a work zone. As a result of the negligent placing of the cones, the driver of our vehicle hit a barrier wall killing the passenger, our client. Defense claimed the driver of the vehicle in which our client was a passenger was intoxicated and was contributory negligent. The Defense further alleged that our client, the passenger, was aware of the driver's intoxication and was therefore also contributory negligent. Given the horrendous nature of the accident and the fatalities involved, the defendants agreed to settle the claim before a trial in front of a jury.

Attorneys: Kevin Ruby

Paralegal: Lora Hatton

Case No.: 213360

May 2016

Case Settled Without Litigation for All the Available Coverage- 492500.0000

Claim against Nationwide Insurance Company. Chantilly, Virginia accident claim.Numerous fractures along with high hospital bills. Client refused to accept anything less than the full policy. Ultimately Nationwide agreed and settled for the full available coverage.

Attorneys: Jonathan Portner & Richard Shure

Paralegal: Rebecca Dean

Case No.: 216601

July 2016

Case Settled Against Companion Property and Casualty- 400000.0000

Fairfax County, Virginia accident wherein the client sustained disc herniations at L4 and L5 requiring surgery. Medicals totaled $90,000. Mr. Portner argued future lost wages amounted to several years of lost income. Carrier initially disagreed. Case settled after Mr. Portner had the suit filed and the defendant was served.

Attorneys: Jonathan Portner & Kevin Ruby

Paralegal: Rebecca Dean

Case No.: 214408

July 2016

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