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December 01, 2016
We wish; But there is not. If so, all of our negotiations with the carrier would be easy, fun, and cordial, like simply dialing for dollars ·         Instead, negotiations with the carriers often first seem like a chess match. Then, if not resolved, a war. ·         Medical bills, lost wages, the... Read More
November 17, 2016
Earlier this month, Portner & Shure attorney, Kevin Ruby, won yet another verdict against Geico. Our client had more than $8,000.00 in medical expenses from her injuries that were caused by a rear-end accident in Fairfax, Virginia. Our client injured her right arm, right hand, shoulder, neck,... Read More
November 16, 2016
Join us in welcoming back our Spanish Department Paralegal, Diana Ramirez, who returned to work this month after giving birth to a healthy baby boy, Nathan Alexander. Diana gave birth to Nathan on September 30th. Diana enjoyed all the time she spent with her son during her time off. Some of her... Read More
November 16, 2016
“I am very happy with the services that Portner and Shure gave me. From the very beginning they were extremely kind and helpful. They made sure I received the compensation I deserved! They constantly kept me informed of what was going on in my case. I would definitely recommend them! Thank you.”... Read More
November 16, 2016
Recently, Portner & Shure attorney, Kevin Ruby, obtained an excellent result in a serious rear-end accident caused by a drunk driver. Our client was a passenger in a vehicle that was rear-ended by a drunk driver while stopped at a red light at the intersection of Route 40 and Ridge Road. Our... Read More
November 16, 2016
There is a new study by Johns Hopkins that shows that 10% of all U.S. deaths are due to medical error. We often are naïve when it comes to doctors making mistakes, when in reality, doctors make mistakes all the time and sometimes these mistakes result in death. With insurance companies taking more... Read More
November 11, 2016
Statistics for 2015 were recently released and they show that more than 35,000 people lost their lives in a traffic accident in the United States last year. This is the first increase in fatal accidents year-over-year in the last 50 years. Even though cars have become significantly safer over the... Read More
November 09, 2016
Jonathan Portner and Kevin Ruby of Portner & Shure Awarded 100% Disability for A Maryland Workers' Compensation Client. It is an understatement to say that receiving a workers' compensation disability award from a Maryland Workers Compensation Commissioner of 100% is rare. While attorneys often... Read More
November 02, 2016
Being injured in an auto accident is a traumatic and painful experience. Knowing that it was all caused by the carelessness of a drunk driver makes it even worse. Virginia takes drunk driving very seriously. That’s why the State has enacted rules permitting individuals injured by drunk drivers to... Read More
November 01, 2016
Injuries resulting from truck accidents are devastating In many cases, injured victims are unable to recover enough money to cover the damages It is obvious to look to the negligence of the truck driver and motor carrier as the cause of the accident, but the shipper of the load cannot be forgotten... Read More