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January 26, 2014
With the cold weather in the area this season, drivers are experiencing battery troubles. Below are a few ways to avoid waking up to a dead battery: 1) Battery Blanket: A battery blanket wraps around the battery and fits right into the battery cover. The blanket has a cord that can be plugged into... Read More
January 24, 2014
Today there are over a billion users on Facebook, 500 million on Twitter, 500 million on Google+, and 238 million on LinkedIn. It seems that these numbers are growing every day. With social media being such an integral part of our modern existence, it seems apt that the legal system is finally... Read More
January 24, 2014
Most clients want to know, "what is my case worth?"http://www.portnerandshure.com/Auto-Accidents There are many factors affecting the value of your case. The settlement value is simply a prediction of what a judge or jury would decide your case is worth. There is no specific formula to assess case... Read More
January 23, 2014
Yesterday, Texas executed Edgar Tamayo, a Mexican citizen, with lethal injection for the 1994 killing of police officer Guy Gaddis. This execution is stirring controversy all across the nation because Tamayo was never advised that he could receive legal assistance from the Mexican consulate after... Read More
January 22, 2014
Science fiction dreams are just around the corner. Self-driving cars like those developed by Google are becoming ever more popular. Car manufacturers like BMW and Audi are also making an investment in self-drive features such as park assist. California expanded laws recently as a step to... Read More
January 21, 2014
In 2011, Virginia state law implemented guidelines for police lineups and eyewitness interview regulations. These guidelines were passed to reduce wrongful convictions after DNA exonerations revealed that eyewitness errors were tied to these cases. Since 1989, 13 out of 16 wrongful convictions were... Read More
January 17, 2014
While we all know the dangers of drinking and driving, some of you may be surprised to learn that simply having the key in the ignition may cost you a DUI. This means that even if you are not driving at all, but have the key in the ignition, you may be cited with a DUI. The courts rationalize that... Read More
January 16, 2014
There have been many studies showing the tragically high rate of motorcycle accidents throughout the country. What is striking about these accidents is that automobile drivers are often the other party in these collisions. The Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety... Read More
January 15, 2014
We would like to thank all those who participated in our Christmas Dinner Giveaway. The Portner & Shure family wishes to share with all our friends the winner of our gift this year: Elba Chacon. Ms. Chacon was nominated by her sister, Flor Chacon, who spoke highly of her sister, calling her a "... Read More
January 14, 2014
With baby boomers emerging into retirement, many choose assisted living facilities. The assisted living business is a fierce because of this growing population, and many are allowing the use of alcohol in their facilities to get an edge on the competition. This means cocktail hours and allowing... Read More