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After getting into my accident, I was unsure as to whom of which i should contact for legal purposes. I googled a few firms whom of which dealt with situations like my own. I saw a lot of great reviews for Portner & Shure so I decided to contact them and see if the hype was as good as the internet said they were. However, it wasn’t...It was actually significantly better. I have had my fair share of usage with lawyers because of an array of reasons (work included) so i am very familiar with how the routine works. That being said, my experience was anything but routine. The entire staff was very polite and sympathetic to my situation all around. From the moment i walked in, until the very last time i walked out. Rebecca Deene worked very close with me the entire time and consistently responded with haste anytime i had a question or concern. She was extremely knowledgeable and more or less gave me the play by play of how things would work out. She was able to do this not only because she was experience, but also because of her commitment and faith in her team here. Christina Ruhl was my attorney. Where most lawyers fall short (i.e. prepping a client before a case being a major one), she excelled. She as well was extremely knowledgeable and did a fantastic job at prepping me for court. We more or less performed a mock trial multiple times prior to going to court just so that i would be prepared. The trial itself was just entertaining. She may come off as sweet, but she is a bulldog in court room. She knew exactly what to ask and how to ask. Her experience radiates when you see her in action.

All in all, I highly recommend this firm.