Virginia Traffic Accident Attorney | Memorial Day Weekend Travel in Virginia

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According to NBC Washington, as part of a national "Drive to Save Lives" traffic safety campaign, state and local officials in Virginia are aiming to reduce traffic deaths across Virginia by 15 percent this year, as well as increase safety for law enforcement officers on patrol.

With Memorial Day weekend ahead, which marks the start of the summer travel period, Virginia State Police on Tuesday urged motorists to drive safely. AAA states this could be the busiest weekend on the nation's roads since 2005, with 36.1 million people expected to travel. Nearly one million Virginians are expected to drive 50 miles or more between Friday and Monday.

Virginia state police stated in a news release that nine people were killed in traffic accidents during Memorial Day weekend in 2013. As a result, state police plan to increase patrols during the period as part of the annual "Operation Combined Accident Reduction Effort".

The Virginia Department of Transportation has amap that allows drivers to see how traffic worsens on Virginia's interstates during the Memorial Day getaway

Drivers in the Washington D.C. metro region should follow these tips:

  • Plan ahead.
  • Obey posted speed limits and overhead lane-control signals.
  • Devote your full attention to driving - it is illegal to text while driving in Virginia.
  • Keep a safe following distance to avoid rear-end collisions.
  • Do not change lanes while traveling over bridges and through tunnels.
  • Keep your eyes on the road - do not sight-see.
  • Make sure your vehicle is "road ready"-- one disabled vehicle can cause extensive backups.