Virginia Auto Accident Attorney: Fatal Auto Accident in Northern Virginia

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Last Friday, a North Carolina teenager wastragically killedin an accident in Northern Virginia. The victim was a backseat passenger in a van that had a total of five occupants inside it. The van was travelling on Route 13 when a pickup truck turned onto the road and into the path of the van. The truck driver failed to yield the right of way before making the turn onto Route 13. After the collision, the van’s occupants tried to exit the vehicle. However, after four of the passengers safely exited the van, the fifth passenger did not make it out in time when a tractor trailer crashed into the van.

It is unclear where exactly on the road the initial collision occurred between the van and the tractor trailer. If it occurred in lanes of travel and neither vehicle was moved to the side of the road, it was not safe for anyone to be outside their vehicle. Too many tragic accidents happen when people are outside their vehicles on main roads. Other cars are driving at high speeds and if any of them lose control, you are at risk of serious injury or death if you are outside your vehicle. Whenever possible, you should always move your vehicle to the shoulder if you have been involved in an accident.

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