Update: Uber Available in Ocean City Starting Friday May 22nd

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Starting tomorrow, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Annapolis will no longer be the only major cities in the Maryland region to have Uber’s ride pick-up service. Visitors and residents in Ocean City can now use their phone to request an Uber driver to pick them up. This was all made possible by the Maryland General Assembly, which passed legislation allowing companies like Uber and Lyft to legally operate in Maryland. While taxis in the beach town are not too pleased about Uber operating in Ocean City this summer, vacationers are excited to have an easier way of getting up and down Coastal Highway without having to hail a cab or take the public bus.

The most important advantage of having such a widely-known easy-to-use driving service is that a majority of teenagers and young adults know how to use the app. With Uber having a presence in Ocean City now, it should likely cut down on the number of drunk driving related offenses and accidents. One of the reasons why so many people choose to drink and drive is because it is just easier to get in your own car and drive home then to call a cab or wait for a bus. Uber eliminates the difficulty that cabs and buses present. With an easy and convenient way to get a safe ride home, the number of DUIs and drunk driving related accidents should decrease this summer in Ocean City.

Remember if you will be drinking this weekend while down in Ocean City, or anywhere else in Maryland, make sure to plan ahead for arranging a sober ride home. It is not worth it to risk your life or the life of an innocent person by driving your car under the influence of alcohol. Only drive if you are sober. If not, call an Uber driver, a cab, or take a public bus in order to get to your destination safely.

If you are arrested for DUI this weekend in Ocean City, it is important that you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney because of the severity of a DUI offense. Portner & Shure attorneys have represented numerous clients arrested for drunk driving offenses and our attorneys will try to limit or reduce the consequences of your DUI offense.

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