Two Young Centreville, Virginia Boys Die in Head-On Crash

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Last week, two young brothers ages 10 and 9, from Centreville in Northern Virginia, weretragically killedin a head-on collision on Gordonsville Road. The boys’ father and a woman were in the car as well and were taken to the hospital in critical condition. A Ford Expedition heading in the opposite direction crossed into their lane and hit the boys’ car head on. Police are still investigating the cause of this accident to determine who was at fault.

Head-on collisions usually result in the most severe injuries because there are two vehicles, usually travelling at high speeds, that crash straight into each other. Physics tells us that when two objects are in motion and crash into each other, the force will almost double. Instead of two cars going 40mph in opposite directions and colliding like any other accident, a head-on collision at this speed is akin to an accident involving cars going 80mph. Impact is always great and death often results from injuries sustained.

In a head-on collision accident, it is especially important to determine fault and if either driver’s negligence contributed to the crash. Most head-on collisions are the result of drinking and driving, distracted driving, or speeding.

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