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Clients often ask why their claims are taking so long to settle or why they have to go through litigation in the court system for what seems to be an open and shut case. The answer is that insurance fraud is on the rise. Insurance companies have adopted the Delay, Deny and Defend approach to all Virginia automobile accident claims.

It is no mystery that insurance fraud imposes personal cost on everyone. Nearly $80 billion dollars in fraudulent claims are made annually in the U.S. This impact is higher insurance premiums, rising cost of goods and services and it even poses a danger to lives, health and property. It also makes it difficult for real victims of negligence to achieve fair recovery in a reasonable amount of time. Claimants who have suffered very real injuries and damages in a Virginia accident have an uphill battle with the insurance companies. Even when negligence is clear, insurance companies will deny legitimate claims and force claimants into the court system. Insurance companies have become suspicious of every claim that is made. It is more fiscally reasonable for them to force a verdict than it is to risk negotiating a fraudulent claim.

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