Maryland Medical Malpractice Attorney | Woman Wins $1.3 Million Jury Verdict

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Last week, a Carroll County woman was awarded $1.3 million for a medical malpractice lawsuit. Her doctor left her with a permanent hernia and unable to eat normally after he used a surgical synthetic mesh to help close a hernia. The doctor had claimed that it was accepted practice to use the mesh for that purpose amongst surgeons.

When another surgeon attempted to remove the mesh months later, it caused a leak in her esophagus. While attempting surgery to correct the tear, it was found that there was too much mesh within her esophagus. It was claimed that the doctor had used the wrong type of mesh, used in the wrong way, without informed consent.

Today, the woman can now only eat slowly and in small amounts because of her condition. Furthermore, she has a ventral hernia, wears a special girdle, cannot lift more than five pounds, and cannot bend over. Her injuries have also strained her marriage as she relies on her husband to come home from work multiple times a day to care for her wounds and check her IV.