Leesburg Virginia Car Accident Lawyer | 3 Things to Expect from your Attorney

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All Leesburg personal injury firms are not created equal. On the face of it, most will say that their fee is contigent. In other words, there is no fee unless the firm wins. However, that clause is deceiving.

First, if the law firm does not customarily litigate cases, or obtain excellent results in Court, expect the insurance carriers to know these facts. As a result, the carrier will offer your attorney less money. The net result of course affects the clients more, since two-thirds of the recovery goes to them. In other words, the 67% of each recovery that goes to clients is generally less if a law firm does not try cases or obtains excellent Court results. Portner & Shure does.

Second, if the injury lawyer does not look closely at the outstanding medical bills and assess independently what is fair for the providers to recover, clients get less. In other words, the lawyer should look closely not just at the amount offered by the carrier, but also the amount given to the client. In many cases this can be increased by a simple reduction in a doctors bills. Here at Portner & Shure we believe that is part of the attorneys job.

Third, in looking at the net recovery to the client, the injury lawyer in most cases (cases outside of litigation) should reduce their own fee to ensure that the legal fee does not exceed more than the clients recovery. It is the client's case. It makes no sense that the lawyer should recover more than the injured accident victim.

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