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3 Reasons Why Our Paralegals are some of the best

First, people often ask me if I'm upset that attorney Bob Katz hires my former employees. I know that currently three of my former staff members work for him. None of course quit to go there, and all left after being trained by Portner & Shure. I am not upset. Instead, I am proud that even our former employees are considered an asset to Bob Katz. In fact, one former Korean employee does his new case screening. Further, one of our former paralegals now services the Korean community for Mr. Katz.

Second, our paralegals are trained on a case management system known as Needles. Even Bob is aware of the training our employees are given on this system, and acknowledges that this system is the best way to manage personal injury cases.

Third, our current paralegals are trained on the colussus system. The colussus system is used by the insurance carriers to evaluate claims. Paralegals who understand how this system works understands how to value a case.

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