Involved in an Accident Caused by an Improper Lane Change? Make Sure to Get a Witness

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There are many different causes of car accidents, and some are easier to prove liability than others. For example, a rear-end collision is very easy to prove liability, but an accident caused by an improper lane change can be much more difficult to prove who was at fault.

Our experience in representing clients involved in lane change accidents has shown that it is extremely important to make sure you have a witness. Lane change accidents often result in "he said, she said" situations where both parties blame the other for causing the accident. Insurance carriers almost always deny liability because of these different descriptions about how the accident happened. If you have a witness to the accident that can support your side of how the accident occurred, that will help improve your chances of either settling your case or winning in court.

If you have been injured in a lane change accident, make sure you have a witness that can corroborate your side of the story and call the experienced attorneys at Portner & Shure for a free consultation:(703) 734-8790.