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A settlement is the sum of all of its parts: Attorney fees, case expenses, and outstanding medical bills. But clients can have a valuable affect on their own recovery.

In this tough economy many people are cutting corners and becoming more frugal in considering needs over wants. As a result, many people are waiving PIP (Personal Injury Protection) and/or MedPay options on their insurance policies. Having these benefits on your automobile policy help to defray the costs of medical expenses for your injuries. When individuals waive these benefits from their policy to save money, they find themselves in a position to recovery minimal in their pockets because the settlement proceeds are allotted to the outstanding medical bills. When this happens, clients become disappointed in good verdicts and often reject very good settlement offers because they realize that their bottom line is smaller than the sums of the other parts.

Certainly attorneys are negotiating claims to gain a recovery that sort of balances the parts, but this if often difficult. Insurance companies are basing their offers on the medical expenses and pain and suffering only, while your attorneys is trying to balance the fees and expenses as well.

Since the decision to settle a case is solely that of the client, it is highly recommended that you carry PIP and/or MedPay benefits on your policy to defray your costs and increase your bottom line.

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