Alexandria, VA Jury Awards $4.5 Million to Woman Run Over by Public Bus

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Just this week, an Alexandria, Virginia jury awarded $4.5 million to Sherry Galloway, a woman who endured extensive injuries after being run over and trapped in an Alexandria Transit Company bus’s wheel well last year.On August 6, 2014, Ms. Galloway was walking in a crosswalk near the King Street Metro Station when an ATC bus crashed into her from behind.Ms. Galloway suffered extensive nerve damage to her leg and thigh.Multiple surgeries were required, with medical expenses totaling close to $200,000.

During trial, Ms. Galloway’s attorney introduced evidence revealing that the bus driver involved in this accident had been in four other “preventable accidents” in a year and a half period while employed by ATC.There is a policy in place by the bus company that requires termination of any driver involved in four “preventable accidents.”Therefore, Ms. Galloway’s attorney made a negligence argument because the bus company failed to fire this bus driver as their policies require.Video that was shown at trial revealed the bus increasing its speed as it approached the crosswalk where Ms. Galloway had just entered.Based on this video, an expert accident reconstructionist for Ms. Galloway testified that “had the bus not increased its speed, the collision would have been avoided.”Attorneys for the Defendant bus company tried to argue that Ms. Galloway was contributorily negligent because she did not look as she crossed in the crosswalk, and therefore, she should not recover for her injuries.The jury did not rely on that argument in making their decision.

Before, trial Ms. Galloway’s attorneys were trying to settle the case for $6.3 million, but the Defendant’s attorneys were only offering as much as $750,000.Ms. Galloway presented a diminished earning capacity of approximately $823,000 because of her injuries, and she also will have to spend about $700,000 in costs for special life care.

The verdict in this case is very important to keep in mind for victims of pedestrian accidents in Alexandria, Virginia.If your pedestrian accident presents similar facts as this one, it is likely that a jury will reward you with a very good verdict and it is best to go to trial instead of trying to settle.

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