Alexandria, VA Auto Accident Injury Attorney: Distracted Driving is Deadly

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Auto manufacturers continue to make cars safer every year. For that reason, it certainly makes sense that fatal car accidents have been declining over the last two decades. In fact, 2014 had the record lowest number of traffic fatalities, and it was the first time ever that eight different car models had zero fatal accidents.

Unfortunately, 2015 has seen analarming spike in fatal accidents. This spike is attributed in large part to distracted driving, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The NHTSA refers to this increase in fatal accidents as a “sign of an epidemic of death on the roadways.” The number of drivers on the road with a smartphone in their hand is remarkable. Texting while driving, checking Facebook while driving, snapchatting while driving, tweeting while driving, and instagramming while driving are all contributing to these fatal accidents. All of these things can wait until after you are out of the car. Risking your life and the lives of others just is not worth it. So while cars are getting safer to prevent more and more deadly accidents, they cannot protect everyone, especially distracted drivers. Bluetooth in vehicles has been the most important feature to help reduce the distraction of talking on a cell phone while holding it to your ear. But, NHTSA officials are seeing that as cars become more technologically advanced and safer, drivers are becoming more distracted. These statistics are certainly a call to action for local officials and law enforcement agencies to increase patrols and make the consequences for committing these offenses much tougher.

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