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Rockville, Maryland Traffic Ticket Attorneys | New Maryland Law Gets Rid of Speed Camera Bounties

Author: Portner & Shure

A new Maryland law goes into effect getting rid of the so-called "bounty system" for speed cameras.

Cities and counties can no longer pay speed camera vendors based on how many tickets their cameras issue to drivers.

Cameras can often be calibrated to be too sensitive, or in other cases, they might be unfairly positioned. In Maryland, if more than five percent of the citations issued by a single camera are found to be erroneously issued over the course of a year, the contractor will be fined half the cost of the lost revenue.

In school zones, the speed limit must be at least 20 mph for a speed camera to go up in the area. And the school zone must be clearly marked with a warning.

To ensure that systems operate fairly, speed and red light cameras are calibrated at independent labs. That means that camera operators can't rig a system to make it more sensitive in an effort to generate more tickets.

The law also requires the Maryland Police Training Commission to report speed camera statistics annually, in addition to making the numbers public record.

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