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Prevent Dead Batteries

Author: Portner & Shure

With the cold weather in the area this season, drivers are experiencing battery troubles. Below are a few ways to avoid waking up to a dead battery:

1) Battery Blanket: A battery blanket wraps around the battery and fits right into the battery cover. The blanket has a cord that can be plugged into a wall outlet, producing heat to prevent the battery fluid from freezing.

2) Turn off Accessories: When starting the car, make sure that the car accessories, like the heater or radio, are turned off. These accessories can use power from the alternator and prevent the battery from charging. Furthermore, do not leave the heat and radio on while the car is idling or the car will not produce enough power to charge the battery as well as keep the accessories running.

3) Check the Age: Batteries cannot run forever, as many last between five and 10 years. If your battery is old, it may be time for a replacement. Check with your trusted mechanic to see if a new battery is needed.

4) Disconnect the Battery: If you are storing your car for the season, be sure to disconnect the battery. Devices like clocks drain battery power even while the vehicle is turned off, so it is important to actually disconnect the battery to preserve the charge.

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