Workers Compensation

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workers' compensation claim maryland virginia lawyerIf you suffer an injury on the job it can affect many aspects of your life. Not only can it cause you pain and suffering but if severe enough, it may inhibit you from being able to continue your job at the level expected of you. This can cause you to lose a steady paycheck, making it difficult to pay your bills, live your life, and take care of your family.

A Caroline County man was left permanently disabled in a rail yard accident in 2009 while working for the Maryland & Delaware Railroad Company. A wrench he was using “exploded” in his hands, which caused him to fall and injure his back. The injury to his back resulted in him not being able to move his legs. The worker, Michael A. Blades, required a “spinal stimulator implanted as a result of the fall” and he can no longer work.

According to the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission Annual Report for 2014, which covers injured employees from the Silver Spring area, the top four industries accounting for the most workers’ compensation claims are policemen and security, truckers, colleges or schools (including daycare centers), and hospitals. In addition, the most prevalent injuries included those to the lower back, shoulders, and knees.

A new Maryland law goes into effect getting rid of the so-called "bounty system" for speed cameras.

Cities and counties can no longer pay speed camera vendors based on how many tickets their cameras issue to drivers.

Cameras can often be calibrated to be too sensitive, or in other cases, they might be unfairly positioned. In Maryland, if more than five percent of the citations issued by a single camera are found to be erroneously issued over the course of a year, the contractor will be fined half the cost of the lost revenue.

What is Workers' Compensation?

Under Maryland State law, all employers having one or more employees, full or part-time, are required to have Workers' Compensation insurance for the benefit of their employees.An employer or employee cannot waive provisions of this Workers' Compensation Law.

What benefits are provided by Workers' Compensation insurance?