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Suffering from a hernia is a common medical condition that is often treated surgically by doctors implanting a Hernia Mesh. However, certain types of hernia mesh have been found to cause chronic pain, bowel obstruction, and severe infections. Often times, these conditions get become so painful, that many patients have to return to their doctor and have the mesh removed and/or replaced. Even if it’s been several years since your first implant surgery, the type of mesh used during that surgery could be the cause of your problems.

medical malpractice lawyers maryland virginia washington dcWith all the advancements in medicine and technology, we trust that our healthcare professionals will perform their duties in the most professional and responsible manner possible to help us overcome our injury or illness. With their many years of training and experience, we expect them to accurately and effectively diagnose and treat us in times of medical need.

cerebral palsy birth injury medical malpractice lawyer VA MD CD For many growing families, having a child is a miraculous and amazing experience that brings joy and excitement. For some families though, childbirth may bring about unexpected challenges and complications for your family and newborn. Even with the advancements in science, medicine, and technology, there is still a high prevalence of birth injury in the U.S.

The personal injury attorneys at Portner & Shure, P.A. have decades of experience helping those who have suffered injury due to another’s negligence. While every personal injury is serious and adds hardship to the victim’s life, medical malpractice is especially egregious. These are injuries that result from placing your trust in a medical professional during your time of need so not only do you suffer harm, but your trust is broken as well.

Noemy Foronda has been with Portner & Shure for nearly a year, working out of our Vienna, Virginia office. Noemy began as a receptionist and then worked her way up to a legal assistant. Just recently, she started taking her own cases. Noemy has lived in Arlington, Virginia her whole life, but her parents are originally from Bolivia. As a bilingual employee at Portner & Shure, Noemy is an integral part of our ever-growing Spanish Department. When she is not in the office, Noemy enjoys playing with her shih tzu, Nina, as well as reading.

Recently, Portner & Shure attorney, Kevin Ruby, obtained an excellent result in a serious rear-end accident caused by a drunk driver. Our client was a passenger in a vehicle that was rear-ended by a drunk driver while stopped at a red light at the intersection of Route 40 and Ridge Road. Our client suffered more than $25,000 in medical expenses, as well as a significant amount of lost wages. He endured nearly four years of treatment for his injuries in the accident. The liability insurance company did not make an offer to settle the case.

There is a new study by Johns Hopkins that shows that 10% of all U.S. deaths are due to medical error. We often are naïve when it comes to doctors making mistakes, when in reality, doctors make mistakes all the time and sometimes these mistakes result in death. With insurance companies taking more profits from doctors, doctors are making cuts to protect their income, and as a result, doctors are providing a diminished level of care to patients. Many doctors are now more worried about getting patients in and out rather than provided the best care possible.

Statistics for 2015 were recently released and they show that more than 35,000 people lost their lives in a traffic accident in the United States last year. This is the first increase in fatal accidents year-over-year in the last 50 years. Even though cars have become significantly safer over the last several years, there are more drivers on the road today and there are more distractions for these drivers. In Baltimore City, like any other big city, serious accidents are a common occurrence because of the high volume of traffic.

“At first I was discouraged when the insurance company denied my car accident claim saying that I made an unsafe lane change. But after speaking with Portner & Shure and the litigation team, we decided to file suit to prove the accident wasn't my fault. Leading up to trial, my paralegal Rebecca Dean stayed in constant contact with me and kept me informed leading up to trial. Attorneys Christina Ruhl and Kevin Ruby prepared me so well for my trial that we won no problem. I was so happy with the outcome and they did an awesome job! I definitely recommend Portner & Shure!”

There is a new trend among drivers today: dashcams. In motor vehicle accidents and in criminal cases, the facts of the event are often disputed between the parties involved. The use of dashcams by civilians has been increasing as a means to avoid being caught in a he said/she said situation. If you choose to protect yourself by installing a dashcam in your car you need to know some important facts about the law.