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The days between Christmas and January 1st typically involve an increase in drinking for adults in the U.S. and it's during this time that police officers issue more DUI and DWI tickets than the rest of the year. Learn more about holiday DUI/DWIs and just how many auto accident fatalities are caused by drunk driving every New Year's Weekend in the SlideShare below. 

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We've written before about how you may file a claim against the driver of the vehicle in which you are a passenger. A common problem that arises when this type of claim is filed involves alcohol. Oftentimes, the driver of the vehicle is deemed to be at-fault for the accident and charged with DWI. The insurance company for the driver will always argue the defense of assumption of the risk in order to avoid having to accept liability.

A Virginia family is reeling as two women driving home from a baby shower Sunday evening wereslammed into by a drunk driver, just as the family was planning a funeral for another relative.The drunk driver was moving at a very high rate of speed causing the victim’s car to careen off the road and into a tree.Sadly, both women, who were sisters, died in the accident.One of the women had her son in the car with them, but he only sustained minor injuries and was treated

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Just last week, Montgomery County prosecutors dropped more than 30 charges against a couple and their two sons who were accused of hosting an underage keg party. This case raises the question of whether county police are being too aggressive in trying to crack down on underage drinking.