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At Portner & Shure, we truly believe that everyone has the right to dedicated, professional, and tireless legal representation. The effects of a criminal conviction can be serious and can even uproot life as you know it. If you have been accused of a crime, you deserve the opportunity to fight for your lifestyle, your reputation, and your innocence. We stand by the sacred principle of our judicial system in America, that you are innocent until proven guilty.

Our lawyers provide representation in many criminal defense cases, including:

  • We’ve all seen those signs in Virginia stating that the speed limit is enforced by aircraft and we’ve all wondered if that is actually true.
  • Virginia state police have actually lacked the funding for using speed-detecting aircraft for the last 7 years.
  • So if you’re one of the many people who have looked up at the sky while driving on Virginia’s highways and never saw an aircraft, that’s because there is nothing up there monitoring your speed

When you've been involved in a motor vehicle accident, it's not at all uncommon for the other driver's insurance company to make you an offer very soon after the accident, and before you retain an attorney. Frequently, the insurance company will offer an amount to pay medical bills you incur within a month of the accident plus a modest amount for your pain and suffering. The offers generally range from $500 to $2,000.