What Makes Portner & Shure Better Than Other Accident Attorneys in the Area?

Portner & Shure Law Firm Serving Maryland, Virginia & Washington D.C.

1. Familiarity with Columbia and the surrounding area. We opened in Ellicott City over twenty years ago, and now have our main office in Columbia.

Since that time we have settled or tried over 20,000 personal injury cases and know how to best handle a Howard County accident case just by shear experience. Our verdicts and settlements reveal that we can recover fair compensation from every insurance carrier including Allstate, MAIF, and GEICO. Further, the criminal defense attorneys on staff here at Portner & Shure have been to court with thousands of criminal defendants and have obtained excellent results.

Furthermore, Mr. Portner has lived in Ellicott City for many years and is very active in the community. In addition, half of our staff resides here. We know the tendencies of the citizens who make up juries in Columbia and we know the tendencies of most of the Howard County District Court and Circuit Court Judges. This knowledge is a great asset.

2. Does Portner & Shure do anything special to help represent the diverse make up of the residents in the county?

Ellicott City has an extremely large and active Korean community. Our Korean Department, including Esther, work closely with local Korean residents.

In order to assist the growing Spanish community, we have a Spanish department which includes Elizabeth, Norma, Claudia, and Will to help with Spanish speaking automobile accident victims and residents charged with DWI or other criminal offenses.

Lastly, we have a Chinese department, consisting of Rosanna, Christine and Toni to help area Chinese speaking automobile accident victims and criminal defendants.

Why Portner & Shure?

  • Our foreign departments allow our law firm to help the diverse population
  • Our attorneys are always available
  • We have a convenient main office
  • Our attorneys have experience in this area from working and living here for approximately twenty years.
  • Our track record of great results
  • We are highly respected by every insurance company