Ten Initial Columbia & Ellicott City Client Consultation Questions

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If your accident occurred in Howard County, which includes Columbia, Ellicott City, Clarksville, Fulton, Laurel, Glenelg, Jessup, and Sykesville, the quesions we will ask at the initial consultation are:

  1. How did the automobile accident occur? If the other driver is at fault, are there any witnesses?
  2. Did the police write a report or did they give you an exchange of information form?
  3. Did you go to Howard County General Hospital?
  4. If you didn't go to the hospital, how soon after the accident, did you see a doctor?
  5. Are you hurt, and do you need to see a physician? If so, there is an orthopaedic group next to the hospital, Potomac Valley, as well as another group we are familiar with, Maryland Orthopaedics, located at 3570 St. Johns Lane.
  6. Is the injury soft tissue in nature? If so, under Maryland law you can see an acupuncturist or chiropractic group. There are numerous chiropractic groups in Howard County that provide excellent medical treatment and produce bills that are accepted by the insurance carriers and can be paid with PIP insurance. We are familiar with excellent groups in Columbia, Ellicott City, Clarksville, and Laurel.
  7. Do you have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance, health insurance, and did you obtain the liability insurance information and/or get the license information or tag number of the other driver.
  8. Did your car sustain visible property damage? Howard County is a conservative jurisdiction. People, however, do get injured in low impact accidents. In our screening of these types of accidents we will ask if you went to the hospital or immediately sought medical attention. Further, the injury attorney will want to know if you have filed an accident claim previously.
  9. Did you suffer a serious injury? All serious Columbia accidents in the firm are handled by experienced paralegals. They along with Mr. Portner or Mr. Shure (our most experienced injury attorneys) will inquire as to the injury and the follow-up treatment. Further, we will specifically talk to you about your wage loss and possible permanency.
  10. If English is your second language? If so, click the language icon at the top of the page and you can review all relevant information in that language and be directed to one of our experienced bilingual paralegals.

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