Six Tips to Prevent a Truck Accident

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The tractor trailer accident attorneys at Portner & Shure have seen it all. Below is a short list of six safety tips for our clients to help prevent a truck accident involving an automobile and a large truck, tractor trailer, pick-up truck, 18 wheeler, semi truck, or even a delivery vehicle.

Tip 1: Obviously, tractor trailers do not have the same ability to maneuver in traffic that automobiles do. A car driving 55 mph can come to a stop within about 265 feet, it will take a tractor trailer 313 feet to stop. Therefore, keep your vehicle a safe distance behind or in front of a tractor trailer to avoid a truck accident.

Tip 2: After passing do not cut back to quickly into the trucks lane of travel. Such a move will often force the truck driver to slam on his brakes and thereby endanger everyone nearby.

Tip 3: Avoid a truck accident by avoiding the trucks blind spots. Do not travel in a blind spot for more than a few seconds. Trucks blind spots occur around the left rear, right front, and the back of a tractor trailer or semi truck.

Tip 4: Avoid a fatal truck accident by simply fixing your car properly and assuring you have sufficient gas. You do not want to be stopped on a highway in Columbia for either of these reasons. Truck drivers often do not recognize a car in front of them in a dead stop. Consequently, these little errors lead to truck accident fatalities.

Tip 5: At all intersections watch out for the tractor trailers or semi trucks that are making a right turn. Often truck accidents occur in this situation when automobile drivers become victims of what is known as the "right turn squeeze". Do not under any circumstances squeeze to the right of the truck thinking you can beat the truck when the light turns green.

Tip 6: To avoid a fatal truck accident at all times attempt to never find yourself driving between two tractor trailers or semi trucks.

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