Proving Your Dog Bite Case

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Proving Knowledge

In Maryland, to recover in a dog bite case, a personal injury attorney can prove knowledge by circumstantial evidence. Facts that can be used to infer knowledge of the dangerousness on the part of the dog owner include evidence that:

  • The dog was always kept in an enclosure
  • The dog would jump on people entering the enclosure
  • The dog would become easily excited
  • The enclosed dog would run up and down the fence
  • The enclosed dog would growl

See, Bachman vs. Clark, 128 (Md. 245, 248, 97 A. 440 (1916)

Proving negligence by Investigating the Owner

Our attorneys can also prove liability through investigating the owner of the dog. Investigations often reveal improper:

  • Handling of the dog
  • Training of the dog
  • Improper or violent commends taught to the dog

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