Dog Bite Questions & Answers

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1. Why should a dog bite victim choose Portner & Shure for their case in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, D.C.?

Dog bite cases are not the same as automobile accident cases. Proof requirements are drastically different. Therefore, the investigation must be done timely and by an attorney who understands what is needed to prove "knowledge" if the bite does not involve a pit bull.

2. What is the attorney fee for a dog bite victim?

Portner & Shure represents dog bite victims in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. on a contingency fee basis. No "upfront charges" are sought from the victim. The firm receives one-third at the time the recovery is awarded unless the case goes into suit.

Since we are one of the top dog bite firms in Maryland, Virginia and D.C., we do handle cases referred by other injury firms. In those cases the fee we receive is worked out with the referring injury firm.

3. Should I hire an attorney for my child's dog bite injury in Maryland, Virginia or D.C.?

Yes. The insurance adjuster will typically only offer you 20% of the value of the claim. Hence, even after paying expenses and an attorney's fee, the recovery is substantially more if an experienced dog bite attorney is retained.

Remember obtaining a dog bite attorney is not the same as suing. An experienced dog bite lawyer knows how to present a case to an insurance company so the claim gets resolved without it going to court. In fact, top injury attorneys like Portner & Shure are able to settle 98% of their cases without having a trial.

Another advantage of hiring an experienced dog bite lawyer is so that law firm can use their money to properly investigate the claim. In dog bite cases for example, Portner & Shure will advance money to get copies of medical evidence and billings, hire a photographer to take photos of the victim, hire an investigator to learn the history of the attacking dog, and possibly hire a consultant or expert to review the medical evidence.

Lastly, some of the dog bite victim's bills are paid by third parties, i.e. health insurance. Portner & Shure attorneys and paralegals can negotiate with the third parties' and get those bills reduced.

4. Should pit bulls be treated differently?

The Maryland Court of Appeals thinks so. However, many people believe that people are to blame for many of the pit bull attacks. The question is really is it nature or nurture? A recent 2011 study did reveal that 91% of the fatal dog bite attacks are a result of pit bulls.

5. Who is most at risk for dog attacks?

A previous 2006 study revealed that 70% of dog attacks occurred to children (11 years and under). However, in 2011 the number of adult victims doubled the number of child victims.

6. Does the sex of the dog reveal a greater propensity to attack?

Yes, 61% of the most recent attacks were by male dogs.

7. Where do most dog attacks generally take place?

80% of dog attacks take place on the owner's property.

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