Commercial Truck Accident Investigation

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Accidents involving commercial trucking companies require a thorough and immediate investigation. Skid marks, gouge marks, accident debris and other evidence can vanish quickly.

The truck accident attorneys at Portner & Shure have accident investigators on staff whose job it is to visit the scenes of accidents and document relevant factors by taking photographs, interviewing witnesses and searching for physical evidence. In large cases, it may be necessary to immediately retain an accident reconstructionist to go to the scene take pictures, measurements and get statements.

Further, our attorneys make sure that all relevant evidence is immediately preserved so that it can be reviewed and analyzed by our experts. A letter should immediately be sent to the motor carrier so that all evidence, such as the "black box," is preserved, and a physical inspection is permitted. It is not enough to just preserve the evidence and inspect later, an immediate inspection can bring to light some important details that can be lost.

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