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The effects from brain injuries can be overpowering and can affect every aspect of one's entire life. Brain injuries can result in complications ranging from complete and total loss of brain activity and paralysis to serious but relatively less severe cognitive disorders and reduced motor functions.

Despite the stark disparities in the level of seriousness that brain injuries can produce, the time and money required to care for persons with any brain injury can be enormous and unbearable. Undeniably, some causes of these brain injuries are due to the negligence of others. Two common causes of brain injuries stem from product liability or medical mistakes.

Product Liability and Brain Injury

brain injury lawyer virginia maryland washington dc portner & shureSerious brain injuries can be caused by defective products negligently assembled and placed on the market for profit. One such example involved a 10-year-old boy who fell over the handle bars of his newly purchased bicycle as the result of a popular toy manufacturer and merchant failing to properly assemble the necessary components of the bicycle's front tire.

As a direct result of the manufacturer's negligence, the front tire of the bicycle detached from the frame and caused the young boy to violently crash head-first onto the sidewalk. The brain injuries suffered were severe but fortunately non-progressive meaning their effects, while severe and pronounced, were limited to a period of time within which they would subside. Until such effects subsided, however, the young boy suffered multiple seizures and experienced difficulty with his motor functions.

The bicycle accident effectively took away a significant part of this boy's childhood. As a result, the boy's case was pursued by the experienced personal injury and product liability attorney, and settled for over $500,000.

Medical Malpractice and Brain Injury

Brain injuries can also arise as the result of a doctor's medical malpractice. For example, one such doctor failed to properly diagnose an infant's dehydration. As a result, the infant suffered a lack of blood flow to the brain. This resulted in brain damage to the new born that would affect the way that she lived for the rest of her life.

In cases of medical malpractice, experienced attorneys are critical to recognizing instances of medical malpractice and pursuing medical malpractice claims against negligent doctors. For more information and a free review of your case, please contact Portner & Shure online or call us at (410) 995-1515 or (301) 854-9000 in Maryland, (703) 734-8790 in Virginia or (202) 554-1449 in Washington, D.C. today.