Injury Lawyer Referral Center

Portner & Shure Law Firm Serving Maryland, Virginia & Washington D.C.

At Portner & Shure, we litigate cases for clients who have been seriously injured by automobile accidents, medical negligence, premises liability, and defective products. With over twenty years of experience litigating personal injury cases all over Maryland and Virginia, our firm is well positioned to litigate referrals and maximize value. The attorneys at our firm have settled numerous multimillion dollars in medical malpractice, personal injury and trucking accident cases.

If you are an attorney from out of state or are not specialized in personal injury or medical malpractice litigation, you can still capitalize on the cases that walk in your door by working with Portner & Shure. We have successfully litigated many cases on split fee arrangements and continue to obtain excellent outcomes for referring attorneys and their clients.

We Offer Experience and the Reputation That Comes with It

For over twenty years we have resolutely refused to settle for less, or reject cases to avoid the time and expense of litigation. This practice has enhanced our credibility with insurance carriers and has ultimately caused our settlement offers to rise. Our strong record at trial gives teeth to our threat to litigate. The insurance companies know us and so does their counsel.

Our litigation team has tried hundreds of jury trials and countless district court cases in nearly every jurisdiction in Maryland and Virginia. We know the nuances of the different court systems and have targeted strategies to address each of them. Our excellent results maintain high levels of client satisfaction with our law firm.

Our deep wealth of experience enables us to not only obtain maximum recoveries but to also maximize the benefit to the client. As experienced personal injury litigators, we know how to make the system work for the client and get the most money into their pocket. A satisfied clientele results in repeat business for referring attorneys.

We Have the Framework and the Resources to Litigate Effectively

Personal injury is our specialty. We have a claims department staffed by more than twenty paralegals and legal assistants. The support staff we have available enables us to quickly prepare a file for suit.

Our experienced claims team also ensures that cases are properly developed so we can hit the ground running once suit is filed. We have the resources to support complex litigation, such as medical malpractice, from start to finish. We also have relationships with experts in the field.

A language barrier is never a limitation for us. We have departments dedicated to Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), and Korean. We also have paralegals fluent in Vietnamese and Japanese.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Case Today

We are willing to lend our litigation experience to any extent desired by the referring attorney. Whether you wish to remain involved in all aspects of the litigation process, or prefer to simply receive updates as the case advances, we are willing to work with you. In either case, we are willing and able to pursue the litigation as if we handled the case from its inception. This representation encompasses advancing the costs associated with litigation.

Of course, we are not able to guarantee results, however, our business is to maximize the value of a case. If that occurs during discovery, on the courthouse steps, or at the close of evidence and jury deliberation, we are committed to going as far as necessary to realize your case's maximum value.

Call Portner & Shure today at (410) 995-1515 or (301) 854-9000 in Maryland, (703) 734-8790 in Virginia or (202) 554-1449 in Washington, D.C. for assistance and more information about our referral program.