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The attorneys at Portner & Shure have been successfully litigating and resolving personal injury cases for over 20 years. Recently, the Firm just received the National 2015 Litigator Award, as seen on CNN.  On a monthly basis, our recoveries exceed one million dollars. On an annual basis we successfully try cases throughout Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Our office has cases pending in District, General District and Circuit Courts in well over 15 counties, localities and Federal Districts throughout Maryland, D.C. and Virginia.

Our litigation department has been organized in a manner that allows us to keep cases streamlined, while still providing individualized attention to our clients. Our attorneys are often in court, however, we staff our office in a manner that ensures that client phone calls are answered or returned quickly by staff members that are knowledgeable of the specifics of the case and that attorney follow up is ensured. We are further supported by full time interpreters fluent in Spanish, Chinese and Korean.

While many attorneys are able to organize and negotiate a personal injury case with the hope of settlement, the costs, procedures, time commitment, and resources needed to properly litigate and ultimately take a case through trial can provide a significant hurdle to resolving a case. Insurance companies are well aware of which firms are willing to take a case to trial, and that knowledge not only affects the likelihood that settlement offers will be made, but also the top number they will agree upon. They know the difference between the firms that file a suit with no intention of ever trying the case, versus a firm like Portner & Shure, P.A. that is willing and able to try any case we file.

In the past we have agreed to work with other attorneys and firms that may have cases that they have not been able to settle. We smoothly transition the case into our litigation department and take responsibility for all aspects of discovery, client contact, case costs and ultimately trial. We have routinely found that either the settlement offers go up, or the verdicts exceed the offers.

Recently, we settled a case against a trucking company for $1,450,000.00. There was no offer prior to trial. The manner in which our firm handled the case, as well as the results, was reported in the National Trial Lawyers Monthly magazine. Further, the head of our litigation department just obtained a $367,000.00 verdict from a Prince George's County jury in a slip and fall case. The offer prior to trial was zero. In addition, this past week Mr. Portner settled an accident case for the policy limits of $250,000.00.

Our lawyers are members of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocacy Club, "The National Top 100 Trial Lawyers" and "The Best Attorneys of America."

If you or your firm has cases that appear to be languishing for lack of a reasonable offer and you are reluctant to file the case, either because of lack of resources or time, we would like the opportunity to speak with your regarding our services.