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Our recoveries of over $20 million a year for our injured clients is clearly not all that matters. Client satisfaction with our service throughout the process is critical to obtaining our top awards.

We offer these testimonials to underscore both the satisfaction and results of our injury and criminal defense clients. We are proud of our consistent top awards for our clients and proud of their satisfaction with the service of our lawyers and paralegals. In fact, as indicated below, many of our clients are often eager to provide testimonials.

Any results we were able to achieve for these satisfied clients were dependent on the facts of that case. These are not representative of the results or recovery you might receive because results vary from case to case.

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Mr. Kevin Ruby was understanding to my needs and requests. During the course of my case, he was on my side and very responsive and provided legal guidance when I had questions and concerned about the outcome. I was completely satisfied with the work that he put into my case and the final result. I am sure he is definitely stand on your side to help you through the legal matters. I highly recommend him.

O.K. (Rockville, MD), Case #218270


Thanks to my lawyers at Portner & Shure for representing me for my work related accident and I am satisfied with all the work they did and the settlement amount I received. I also want to thank my paralegals Pamela & Meaghan and their assistant, Rosy, for always keeping me informed and thanks to them one has the trust to give out testimonies and recommend them to others.

C.F (Bladensburg, MD), Case No. 216675


I am satisfied with the treatment and staff who helped me at the firm specially, Pamela and Claudia Hernandez. They have great experience and keep you updated with what is going on in your case. I thank you very much for having my case. I will tell all the people who have accidents to go to your firm trustingly because you are a success. Thank you! I will reccomend Portner & Shure.

L.R.M (Herdon, VA), Case #214172


Attorney Jonathan Portner, Paralegal Amy Patton and Translator Grace Chung thank you for your help. I appreciate for advanced and very friendly service. Especially thank you for Grace for your kindness. I wish for your company eternal development.

Y.P. (Centreville, VA), Case #217233


Hi Pam. I'm very pleased to have been represented by The Firm. I thank you for all the work that you done for me and my case. Thank Ms .Rosy, and the other members of the firm for the work that they've done as well.

M.L. (District Heights, MD), Case #216896


I just wanted to thank you for all the work you've done for my accident case. I didn't know what to do when the accident occured, but because of your easy and kind explanation, I was able to understand and not confused.
You are the best paralegal!! Also, i want to thank Mr. Portner for my negotiation. You guys are the best! Thanks Heather!

N.C.M.K. (Silver Spring, MD), Case #215962


I was a witness of their great service and I will recommend them to my friends and family and guarantee they are great!

W.E.G.M. (Silver Spring, MD), Case #216058


My paralegal, Pam Brown, was very attentive. I will recommend this firm to friends and family. Thank you for everything you did in my case.

O.S. (Silver Spring, MD), Case #216977


I am pleased with the amount that was recovered from settling my auto accident case. You can tell that my paralegal, Pam Brown, worked hard in my case.

E.S. (Silver Spring, MD), Case #216978


I went to Portner & Shure after my car accident. I do not speak English very well. They offered translators and helped me understand everything every step of the way. They were very professional and worked diligently. They were able to obtain the best possible outcome for my settlement. I would like to thank Portner & Shure for the exceptional experience.

X.C.L. (Centreville, VA), Case #216258


Thank you for being so kind and did a good job on my case. I had no worries at all during the whole procedure, and was really relieved. Once again, Thank you Heather.

P.J.C.S. (Fairfax, VA), Case #216772


Heather Jung was a huge help and support for me throughout this process. Communication was easy and fast; I was able to reach her through email, text, or phone which was very beneficial. I am very satisfied with the service, and advice. Overall, I am very satisfied and would recommend this firm service to others who may need it.

L.A.Y. (Catonsville, MD), Case #216557


Heather was very helpful and professional. Thank you so much.

R.Z. (Alexandria, VA), Case #213940


I am happy with the amount I got for my permanency. I know Portner & Shure worked hard on my case and I will recommend their office to my friends and family.

R.M.L. (Laurel, MD), Case #215313


I was recommended by a friend to Portner and Shure and I will do the same. I have been very satisfied by the way Christine Airy has helped me though the process. Christine has done an excellent job communicating with me by email, text, calls to keep me informed about my case. I just want to say thank you again Christine for your professionalism and kindness.

W.O.G. (Rockville, MD), Case #216926


There were lots of bad first time experiences, there were lots of good first times. First time feeling there was no obstacle of communications because the translation services provided by Portner & Shure, P.A..  Also, first time feeling safe and trusted. The legal team that handle my case had done a great job. With all the help from the legal team, my case was able to settle successfully. By the time my case settled, I cried for a long time because I was very impressed of all the detailed work my legal team had provided. I am very appreciative.

X.M.H. (Newnan, GA), Case #212597


My pralegal Pam Brown provided me with excellent service from start to finish. She always answered all my questions and concerns promptly. I felt comfortable knowing that this law firm took my workers comp case seriously and I got a great settlement offer. She genuinely cares for her clients. I would highly recommend her and Portner and Shure to others.

J.G.P. (Hyattsville, MD), Case #214814


I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in November of 2015. It's a was very stressful and terrifying experience. Christine Airey was the paralegal in charge of my case. She always stayed in contact with me and help me around every turn. Her professionalism and compassion made this whole experience painless. She is an incredible asset to the law offices of portner and shure and I would highly recommend her to anyone I ever meet that is in need of legal counsel. Thank you for all you unwavering hard work and dedication to my case christine. You truly are an incredible paralegal.

R.D. (Seaford, DE), Case #216634


"Hello. Nobody likes ever getting into an accident however, when this happens, you just don't want any hassles to take care of the insurances, estimates, medical bills, repairs and all the negotiating and phone time you must put in to clear it up and hopefully get reembursed for it so that you can get back to your normal life.  All of that was taken care of for me by Porter and Shure even though I was really tough to reach by phone. I really appreciate the work and timeliness that my assigned processor (Esther) handled for me. I highly recommend this Attorney and processor. Thank You!"

C.M.B. (Ashburn, VA), Case #216398


You guys are doing a great job, thank you so much!

S.O. (Silver Spring, MD), Case #216575


I am very pleased to of had Portner & Shure to take care of my case. I was truly blessed to have Heather as my paralegal, she was indeed very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to answer all of my questions and concerns. I cannot thank her enough for all of her hard work and dedication. Thank you, Portner & Shure for having exceptional individuals in your firms.

C.M.V. (Washington, D.C.), Case #213671


Pam has been an excellent paralegal. The case was handled wonderfully and communication was great. Some people are disoriented and not sure which attorney to trust and as we trust Portner and Shure we will refer the firm to others.

J.M. (Woodbridge, VA), Case #213434


I was really happy to hire an attorney. Portner and Shure law firm works really hard and I got the good result in my case. If one of our family or friends get in trouble with reckless driving I definitely recommend this firm. Thank you for helping me Portner and Shure especially for my attorney, Kevin. Thank you.

M.O.S. (Rockville, MD), Case #217206


I am very happy with the help that Portner and Shure has provided so far in my case. They are very attentive and communication is great. They helped me get my checks quickly for my workers comp case. I know I will get a great settlement offer from them. God bless!

W.T. (Adelphi, MD), Case #216696


Dearest Christine, THANK YOU for your excellent help and support for my case!  You are by far the BEST in the business, I will let my friends and family know to contact you first if anyone ever needs help (of course hopefully no one needs it:). Thanks and warmest regards

V.W. (McLean, VA), Case #215601


Dear Attorney Portner, I wanted to take a moment to offer a heartfelt "Thank You" for the work that was done on my behalf regarding the accident claim starting in September of 2015. During this time of pain and suffering your office has been in contact with me to check on my health status, and to aggressively seek out any funds that were due to me. A special thank you goes out to your Senior Claims Paralegal, Ms. Christine Airey. She served as an excellent source of information explaining to me about the detailed work and negotiations and instructed me on how to file my claim which lead to my settlement.

E.P. (Baltimore, MD), Case #216185


I want to thank Portner & Shure for services and the final result of my case. Especially my paralegal Rebecca Dean & assistant Erica for explaining the process. Thanks.

R.M.F. (Hyattsville, MD), Case #216314


Ms. Heather, I learned alot from you. Thank you for taking care of the case for my grand-children and for me as well. I am very glad Portner and Shure took care of my case, an very thankful that you were helping me out. I admire the work that you have done, and thank you for everything.

A.H.H. (Annandale, VA), Case #216183


I liked the representation from Portner and Shure. My paralegal Pam Brown was very attentive every time I called. I will recommend them in the future.

F.D.N. (Alexandria, VA), Case #213204


Thanks for your help and patience and consistency on your word!!!!  I would definitely recommend you guys. You are a person of honor and word, every thing you said you did and you never "changed" or "forgot" what we had spoken about!!!  I am very impressed with you!!! Not a lot of ethical people like you around nowadays.

A.A. (Herndon, VA), Case #216172


Thank you so very much Mr. Portner and Mrs Ruhl....not to mention Rebbecca Dean. I got more than I ever thought possible when I stepped into there firm they told me I would be taken care of and they followed through with that. My company I was working for was covering up the fact they had put a claim out and mad my own insurance company pay for the accident I had while working for them. Portner and Shure got me the income I needed for my family and so I can start a life again. Thank you so very much.

A.T. (Dunkirk, MD), Case #213478


I just wanted to say thank you and tell you I'm happy about how well you handled my case, thank you.

M.S. (Millersville, MD), Case #215360


In the last couple of years I have used Portner & Shure and Christine Airey as my Paralegal support for my cases. Christine and the rest of the staff are hard working and in tune with in all the aspects of personal loss law and how to look out for their clients. I appreciate all the Law Firms hard work on my cases, especially Christine Airey, outstanding client support and clean communication.

C.R. (Herndon, VA), Case #215827


I had a wonderful experience and had little or no worries with my case.

J.P.D. (Columbia, MD), Case #215893


Portner and Shure P.A is very fast & nice working firm and I satisfied with their services. I want to thank to Jonathan Portner and Paralegal Amy Patton. Especially Grace! Thank you for Korean translating. You're so kind I really like you also I am really satisfied with my results. Thank you.

C.S.J. (Columbia, MD), Case #216184


They handled my case great, kept me up to date & was nice. I love it.

A.M. (Prince George's County, MD), Case #216301


I'd like to "Thank" Portner & Shure, and specifically their paralegal, Christiana Rowland, for the fantastic work done to help me with my auto accident. From handling the total loss of my vehicle to obtaining a great settlement on my behalf, Mrs. Rowland's communication and explanation of the claims process was extraordinary. I would (and have) recommended this firm to anyone in my family.

K.B. (Knoxville, MD), Case #209782


Dear Heather, Thank you so much for all your work. I was really happy that we met a good attorney and good office for our case. Your work gave us a trust, and thank you for wrapping up the case so quickly. I wish we can be connected and will contact you if my friends or family need your firms help. Thank you.

S.C.L. (Gainesville, VA), Case #215826


I have been extremely pleased with the handling of my auto accident case. Pam Brown, the paralegal handling my case, was very pleasant, prompt and always answered my questions timely. I am very pleased with my recovery and would most definitely use Portner & Shure again and would recommend them to my friends and family.

M.W. (Upper Marlboro, MD), Case #214028


I am grateful for the services of Mrs. Pamela. At all times she took care of my case and thanks for her help because everything went perfectly. I would recommend the law firm Portner & Shure.

O.M. (Hyattsville, MD), Case #214386


I am grateful for the preparation and process that Pam and her team did for us to win our case. I can trust them and they work very well. Thank you for always treating me with respect and patience.

S.C. (Rockville, MD), Case #210861


I wanted to take this moment to express my appreciation for the way in which you and your team handled my case. Thank you so much for being there and everything that you have done. Hopefully I don't get into another car accident, but if I do, you will be the first person that I call! Thanks again!

R.D. (Silver Spring, MD), Case #215364


I am thanking Mr. Portner and Ms. Heather as well as the staff at Portner & Shure. I am honoring you for all the things you have done for someone like me. I am weak in English and do not know any laws in regards to the auto accidents. If I see anyone having trouble with auto accidents in my community and who is having trouble with English, I will surely refer them over to your office. Again, thank you very much.

L.K.H. (Springfield, VA), Case #215632


Your services were excellent from beginning to end. I recommend you to others for your promise to help people. Thank you so much for everything and God bless you.

Q.H.L. (Arlington, VA), Case #204685


Thank you Miss Claudia and all of you for your honesty, dedication, professionalism, I got a great result in my case. Thank you for your outstanding work.

J.C.S. (Severn, MD), Case #211404


Truthfully, I am pleased with your services and everything ended well. I appreciate everything you did.

V.P. (Riverdale, MD), Case #214653


I am happy with the experience Portner & Shure provided. The services were excellent.

O.R. (Rockville, MD), Case #215171


I would like to say thank you to Mr. Shure and most importantly you Ms. Rebecca Dean for handling my case like you did for my first and hopefully last experience it was a pleasure working with you all. Take care and maybe we will work together in the future, again thank you.

T.D.A. (Catonsville, MD), Case #214555


The team at Portner & Shure made a frustrating situation with our Workers Comp case more bearable. Everyone patiently explained the process in detail and gave us expert guidance. They approached our case with compassion and professionalism and were easily accessible whenever we had questions - which was frequently. A heartfelt "Thank you!" to Mr. Portner, Kevin, Christina, and Pam for the positive resolution of our claim." Take care, Pam. We enjoyed working with you.

M.F.C. (Baltimore, MD), Case #212778


Thank you for all your help. My personal experience was great. I did not have to worry about how the case was handled it was done properly. I will recommend Portner & Shure in the future to my family and friends if needed if there in a similar situation like I was.

S.R. (Baltimore, MD), Case #214370


I am very grateful with the law firm Portner & Shure because I was kept up to date each step of the way when it came to my case. Because of them I was able to pay all my medical expenses and I am very satisfied with my settlement amount. I want to give thanks to the great lawyers and their knowledge; they made it possible for me to have a pleasurable experience.

M.A.H. (Manassas, Virginia), Case #214504


Thank you so much for all your help, Portner & Shure. Especially Lora who helped me and fought with the adjuster for my negotiation. I want to thank Heather too for helping me to communicate well with the insurance companies and giving me a status update on my case. Before I got into an accident, I was not aware that the accident claims were so complicated, but because I had Lora and Heather, I was able to relax and had a good treatment. Again, Thank you.

T.G.S. (Baltimore, Maryland), Case #214055


"Thank you for all your help throughout this process. It's hard to believe it been almost a year. Thank you for your patience answering all my questions and handling all the rescheduling issues. We were very pleased with the final judgement. We were very fortunate to have Jon on our side and he's learned a very valuable lesson".

T.J.M. (Columbia, Maryland), Case #214469


"Thanks Portner & Shure, and especially to Christina Ruhl for assisting me in my automobile accident case. I had doubts about how the case would play out in court, but Christina was always confident and reassuring, no matter what allegations and tactics were used by defense counsel. Her demeanor in the courtroom was very professional and respectful at all times. I would not hesitate to obtain her services or refer clients to Portner & Shure for their legal needs. Thanks again!

F.C. (Jessup, Maryland), Case #214368


After I came to the US, this was my first accdient. I was very frustrated because my sons were hurt, and didn't know what to do, but after I spoke to Ms. Heather, everything was taken care of step by step, and my son's treatement was finished up and everything was settled. Thank you for your prompt reply and your explanations for all of my questions. I don't want to get into another accident, but if I or my friends get into an accident, I will definately find Portner & Shure. Thank you.

S.A.K. (Rosedale, Maryland), Case #214748


Thank you again for your representation & hard work to get me this very satisfactory settlement. I will certainly use you again if the need ever arises. Thanks.

A.C. (Reisterstown, Maryland), Case #214426


Thank you again for your Representation & hard work to get me this very Satisfactory Settlement. I will certainly use you again if the need ever arises.

A.C. (Reisterstown, Maryland), Case #214426


Elizabeth helped me in this case, from the beginning till the end. She was very friendly, answered all my questions, she is a professional, I will recommend them. Thanks Elizabeth for your help and dedication in my case.

J.G. (Silver Spring, Maryland), Case #214193


Thank you for all of your work, Portner & Shure and Ms. Heather. I am bit disappointed that I am not your client anymore. Your kindness in every word and your careful concerns have made me happy while I was your client.  I know that the settlement money came from my accident, but I know that you, Ms. Heather, had done a lot to get me to the point where I can get my case settled. I surly know that your professionalism and your kindness of taking care of the clients will be a good model for all the paralegals. If my friends and I get into an accident again, or need an attorney, I will suggest them to use your office and you. Thank you again.

K.H.P. (Fairfax), Case #214480


It was my first time to have a car accident in the U.S. I was frustrated because I am a foreigner and not familiar with MD law. However, after I met Heather Jung, all my concerns disappeared. She was very professional and always tried to handle with my case on my side. I do really appreciate her professional effort and STRONGLY recommend Heather if you have a car accident. Thanks again, Heather.

D.K. (Baltimore, Maryland), Case #214389


I had hired other attorneys in the past for vehicle incidents but they were not communicating and that made me frustrated. I was very impressed of how Portner & Shure promptly responded to my needs and concerns. Paralegal, Heather Jung, reached out to me to inform and update me on the current status of the case and expressed her concerns on my injuries and losses.

Settlement period was also satisfactory.

I appreciate all the thoughts and concerns from Heather and the attorneys who worked to help resolve this incident very smoothly.

I.S.J.J. (Bethesda, Maryland), Case #214633


It was my first time being in an accident. I didn't know where to start or what to do. I found Portner & Shure and I'm so happy with how everything was handled. They walked me through the every process and answered questions I had right away.  Thank you Portner & Shure.

J.L. (Centreville, Virginia), Case #214615


Christina, your court room experience has proved it self to be professional, honest with great integrity and focus, relentless efforts to reach the truth and understanding for all members attend. Whenever, if needed I wouldn't hesitate to give you a call for representation in the future. You have done a outstanding job , a memory that will last forever.

J.B. (Upper Marlboro, Maryland), Case #214596


Everything was great. Elizabeth Bermudez is very fast and proficient in returning calls and keep up with everything going on with our case.  I'm very happy with the way everything was done. Thank you. I will send anyone who needs an attorney to Portner & Shure, they are great.

R.C. (Catonsville, Maryland), Case #214347


Ms. Airey, Thank you so much for all your hard work on my case.  I very much appreciate your time and effort in negotiating, coordinating, and educating, and communicating with me.  I am very grateful that you handled my case.  Many thanks and God Bless You.

B.C. (Alexandria, Virginia), Case #213127


Like many other people, I got into an accident by getting rear-ended when I was at the red signal. After the accident, I was so worried on dealing with the accident by myself, because I had limits on understanding English. After getting help from Portner & Shure and from Heather, I had not worried since then. I was able to fix my car quickly, and after I was done with the treatment, Heather called me back. With this accident, I understood why we have to get help from the attorney, and using Portner & Shure with my Korean language helped alot. Thank you for your help.

H.J.K. (Rockville, MD), Case #214293


I am so grateful for all the time and help you gave me.

R.W. (Rockville, MD), Case #210365


I am satisfied with your firms assistance. Don't know how to continue my services as an instructor yet. But I'm will be triumph in some capacity to get stronger and teach what I love to do. I will review the link and submit so as I can.

T.T.M. (Washington, D.C.), Case #213484


I was struck from behind and pushed into another vehicle in front of me. I was devastated, injured, and the thought of all of the things I was going to have to take care of for myself and my vehicle, had my head spinning.  That was, until I sought the help of Portner & Shure. I was gien into the hands of Paralegal, Pam Brown.  She was kind, caring, and worked diligently to resolve my case in a very timely manner.  Definitely will be my FIRST choice for counsel in the future!

T.M.B. (Bel Air, MD), Case #214156


I truly appreciate all of your hard work and professionalism throughout my unfortunate automobile accident. It's so comforting to know that even in the midst of my pain I have the support of yourself and the wonderful law firm of Portner & Shure.

L.T. (Manassas, Virginia), Case #214470


After struggling for weeks to find a firm that would take my case, I stumbled upon Portner & Shure on AVVO (a search engine for lawyers). Portner & Shure got great reviews on AVVO and I decided to give them a call, I scheduled a meeting with Christina Ruhl and we sat down and spoke about my case, Christina explained that my case was complex and outlined all of the complexities of my case, and how she would address them in the upcoming months, her depth of knowledge about my case, along with her advice made me feel extremely comfortable about hiring Christina and Portner & Shure to handle my case. In the coming months Christina kept in constant touch with me, updating me about every detail of my case along with how things were progressing. I called Christina numerous times, she was always there to answer questions and ease any concerns I had, she even kept the office open late so I could drop off some documents after work! Hiring Christina Ruhl to handle my case was a great decision, it allowed me to have peace of mind knowing that my case was being handled by an extremely talented lawyer for a reasonable price. I highly recommend Portner & Shure and Christina Ruhl.

N.L. (Columbia, MD), Case #213097


My friend encouraged and suggested me to try this auto accident service after I got rear-ended on May 15, 2014 at the Baltimore/Washington Beltway. Rebecca Dean had handled my case; therefore, I did not have to worry about bills and settlement negotiation. Portner & Shure had shown me a detail of all Settlement Memorandum in which I am satisfied with after other insurance party's top settlement offer and some reductions were accepted. I would like to use this excellent service in future again. Thank you.


I was walking home from the gym and was hit by a car in the crosswalk. Having sustained a permanent injury, my hopes of competing in an upcoming bodybuilding contest were over and so I was and continue to be devastated. My life will never be the same and no amount of money can bring it back. Thankfully, once Lora H took over the handling of my case it was one less thing for me to worry about. She kept it moving and kept me informed. She is the consummate professional. Thanks!!!

J.S. (Alexandria, VA), Case #210902


Rebecca Dean and team were attentive, communicative, proactive, and personable. I would highly recommend them to anyone ever needing assistance in the future!

I.T.S. (Woodbridge, VA), Case #213582


I was involved in a car accident and I was advised to get help from Portner & Shure to handle the case. I thought it was going to be complicated but it wasn't! Portner & Shure really made the process simple for me and they explained everything really well. They were very thorough and also very fast with contacting and following up! With their help, I was able to get really good medical treatment for neck injury, get a good settlement, and I did not have to deal with the insurance company at all. I would highly recommend Portner & Shure!

J.V. (Ft. Meade, MD) Case #213875


I was on my way home from a friends house when a girl made a left hand turn in front of me, causing me to T-bone her. Both my tibia and fibula of my right leg were snapped completely in half. I had to have surgery done and have a metal rod placed in my leg. I was in shock trauma for 3 days. My car was totaled and I was left without transportation until I contacted Portner &Shure. Their staff helped me get a rental car, and immediately got on top of my case. They took care of the insurance side of things and prompted State Farm to cover my vehicle and damages. I didn't even have to go to court, they got me a settlement of over $80,000. I was not only able to pay off all expenses in the case but was accommodated enough to start a new life for myself. No more pain and suffering after using Portner & Shure! I wouldn't ever think of using any other legal services! Thank you so very much Portner & Shure for helping me get my life back on track after such a tra

umatizing event.
...............................I LOVE PORTNER AND SHURE!!!....................................

J.G. (Sykesville, MD), Case # 213414


I had the free consultation and they were amazingly helpful and compassionate. I personally hope myself nor family is ever in a situation to need services in the future but I highly recommend if anyone is in need of help. I am thankful for their assistance and wish everyone operated with such great service and compassion

K.C. (Arlington, VA)


I was in a car accident on November 1, 2013. I thought that it was going to be a cut and dry situation as the intersection was a two way stop, I arrived at the stop sign first and the other person arrived and put their signal on to make a left hand turn. I was going straight through the intersection. Once I saw there was no traffic in either direction, I proceeded through the intersection and the other driver made a direct left turn into my vehicle without attempting to stop. Due to the impact of the other car, I was injured, had to be extracted from the vehicle and taken to the hospital. I suffered severe spasm to my neck and back and had to endure painful physical therapy and adjustments. Her insurance company denied my claim, as she told them she was at the stop sign before me. I hired Portner & Shure as I knew I would not get very far with this matter on my own. Her insurance company refused to settle out of court, so we ended up going to trial in this matter. My Lawyer, Christina Ruhl, was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Not only were their offices always willing to speak with me when I needed them, and explained everything so I could easily understand, They realized that this was a serious accident and I could have been even more gravely injured had I not tried to avoid it. On the day of the actual trial, I was nervous as this was essentially a word against word case, but Christina assured me that we had a good strong case against the other individual, I had the truth on my side and was able to testify credibly. We won the lawsuit and received much more than I expected in the trial award. All in all, I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone in need of legal services. This process for me was speedy, painless (as I was already in enough pain from the accident itself), and I received the outcome that I desired with the help of Christina Ruhl, Christine Airey, and Jonathon Portner. This was WELL worth the money, as I know that the other insurance company was really going to drag me through the mud!!! If you need a lawyer, THESE ARE YOUR GUYS!

M.J.T. (Glen Burnie, MD), Case #213043


This was my first time using portner & Shure for my auto accident that happened year ago. Since I had a bad experience with other attorney, I was afraid of using the attorney, but I had no choice. But now, I am glad that I have used mr. Portner as my attorney, because outcome was great and I am feeling better- pain free. As a Korean, staffs at the office served me well, giving me enough updates. I was very happy with their service.

E.A. (Severn, Maryland) Case # 212069


I was on my way back home from work. I got rear-ended. The other driver hit and ran, I was completely lost. My wife told me to at least talk to the attorney to get the free consultation and I did. I spoke to Mr. Portner and talked about all the issues that I was having from the accident. He promptly assigned my case to Ms. Airey, from that point I did not have to worry about anything. My settlement was more than enough to cover all the expenses incurred from this accident. Thank you for everything

H.J. (Columbia, Maryland) Case # 212167


I want to thank you Mr. Ruby again for representing me in my settlement case and winning.  Thank you for all your guidance and patience with me.  You really made things go easier than I had anticipated and your thoughtful guidance was truly appreciated.  Many thanks and appreciation to the Portner & Shure, P.A. team.

C.D.W. (Chantilly, Virginia) Case #209844


Portner & Shure firm has been nothing but the best for me. With the assistance of Ms Christine Airey, my case has been resolved and to out come was correct based on the circumstances. I recommend this Law firm for any needs that need to be handled by a professional and winning staff.

D.S. (Silver Spring, Maryland) Case #213372


Dear (Bilingual Spanish Legal Assistant),

The guidance Portner & Shure provided for the duration of my case is invaluable. They represented me for a workers comp case and I couldn't be happier with the results, they really fought for me and took the time to see me through the process. I would greatly recommend them. Thank you!

R.G. (Hyattsville, Maryland)


The bright side of this horrific event has been working with you (Rebecca). My wife and I both appreciate your professionalism, candor, and patience. Your diligence in securing a fair settlement agreement in my case hasn't gone unnoticed, thank you! If life ever presents another opportunity where your services are needed, I won't hesitate to call.

R.H. (Capital Heights, Maryland) Case #212683


Dear Pam( Pam Brown is our Senior Claims Paralegal),

Thanks for all of helps during the last several months, with your team members' help I can get good treatment in time. Also I will let more and more people know your strong cooperation and warm-hearted in this matter and make your business stronger and stronger. God bless you!

X. H. (Newnan, Georgia(*Accident occurred in Maryland)


Dear Lora( Lora Hatton is our Senior Litigation Paralegal),

I am sorry that I asked you again and again for this clear and simple settlement and for the lien. It is just that this good news comes so quick, and so-o good,that I cannot believe I am that lucky. Thank you for being so patient with me. I guess my reaction to the good news is what you never saw in your clients. Now I am laughing at myself too.

In the days when we prepare you are always so efficient, so accurate. You provide great service that helps me feel much better in the anxiety about this legal matter. You are super, incredible!

Being in the government so many years, I am not used to this kind of great service, this kind of patience, and this kind of efficiency any more. For my questions to you, I was preparing for days if not weeks of waiting. This experience is so unfamiliar to me that I feel I must be dreaming. Please accept my sincere :"Thank you!" for your great work. The victims of MVA need great people like Kevin and you to help them. I will pass my words to everybody I know.

C.Y. (Springfield, Virginia)


This has been my second time working with Porter & Shure law firm. Both times, I have been satisfied with communicating with my attorneys. Also, my attorney Kevin Ruby (Litigation Attorney) I worked with helped me to understand and clarify everything I needed to know. I am glad I came to Portner & Shure because they helped me with both of my automobile accident cases and both outcomes turned out well. They contribute time and hard work on your case to ensure that you receive more than what you deserve.

S.H. (Elicott City, Maryland)


My wife and I were advised to contact a lawyer to settle my workers comp case. We contacted Portner & Shure and were introduced to Pam Brown (Pam is our Senior Claims Paralegal) who handled my case. Everything was explained clearly at the first meeting. The case proceeded quickly and efficiently. I was happy with the final settlement. I would recommend Portner & Shure and Pam Brown to anyone.

C.R. (Alexandria, Virginia)


I hired Jonathan Portner to represent me in a minor traffic offense case in Howard County MD and found the communication & professionalism of both Mr. Portner & Parallegal Ms. Bermudez(Elizabeth is our Spanish Department's Head Paralegal) to be very effective. The fees charged were fair and the service rendered was outstanding. I would recommend their services.

B.S. (Silver Spring, Maryland)


I was involved in an auto accident. A lady made a left turn right into the side of me. She knocked my 2003 BMW into the side of an embankment. Two airbags were deployed as the car almost rolled onto its side. Initially I had no pain. I felt a little dazed, but I did not go to the hospital. About ten days later I was still having headaches which had started a few days after the accident. I was concerned that the delayed symptoms might indicate a serious problem so I mentioned them to my doctor. She told me that I should be tested and referred me to a lab to have an MRI. I believe she also referred me to Portner & Shure. I can't be sure about that because I have no memory of some events around that time. Throughout most of the summer, I felt somewhat dazed, depressed and in a general fog.

D.W. (Silver Spring, Maryland) Case #212469


I couldn't be happier with my results with the firm. The firm recovered more than I originally expected for my rear-ended car accident case. Entire time I could focus on my neck injury treatment and did not have to worry about dealing with the insurance company. Although I wish that they would have updated me on details more frequently. My personal preference for getting updated very often made me take it out on my paralegal but she handled it very professionally. I hope I don't ever get into accident ever again but if I happen to be in one, I want to hire them again with the same paralegal Christine Airey and the attorney Kevin Ruby. Its been tough 9 months. Thank you!

J. A (Columbia, Maryland)


P &S help resolved our case speedily and will recommend them to everyone in an automobile accident. Great job Claudia Estevez(Bilingual Spanish Paralegal)!

B. B. (Laurel, Maryland)


Dear Christine,( Christin Airey is our Claims Paralegal)

Again, I want to thank you for all of the work you did on my accident claim. In fact, I want to refer a very close friend to your firm.

S.E. (Lanham, Maryland) Case #212693


Claudia Hernandez(Bilingual Spanish Paralegal) explained the process well. They get back to you with any questions and and give very reasonable answers. I will recommend them.

S.A. (Hagerstown, Maryland) Case # 212575


My experience working with Portner and Shure, P.A team was good, The job that was performed was I had an car accident on July 27 of last year. It last about few months because the police wrote the police report wrong but Claudia Hernandez (Bilingual Spanish Paralegal) took care of it all, she is an excellent person, she did everything she could to get my case moving, as in when my car was damage she took care of it as soon as she could and had me going to therapy as well. Overall it was great working with Claudia Hernandez and the rest. I suggest people Portner and Shure :) thanks for everything

Carmen M.


My experience with your law firm has been very pleasant. I have enjoyed working with attorney Ms. Christina Ruhl. She was always polite, friendly, and helpful. I felt she had my best interest in her mind. I would recommend my friends and family to your firm.

Adan R.


Thank you for everything that you did for my case. Thanks to Elizabeth(Spanish Paralegal) and Lupe(Bilingual Spanish Legal Assistant) for all their attention. I am very satisfied with the results.

D.F.V.G. (Reston, Virginia) Case #211560


Thanks to everyone who worked on my case, always returned all my calls and my requests with great kindness, especially Miss Norma(Bilingual Spanish Paralegal), thank you for doing a good job.

J.F.R. (Silver Spring, Maryland) Case #210755

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