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Frederick Maryland Automobile Accident Attorney

Our firm has been practicing in Frederick County for nearly twenty years. We have a brand new office located at 5235 Westview Drive, Suite 100, Frederick, Maryland 21703.  One of our most experienced automobile accident paralegals, Christie Rowland, is working in our new Frederick office and is available to meet with any new personal injury client.

We obtain excellent awards from all the major insurance carriers for automobile accidents that occur in Frederick County, including those in the area of Urbana. In addition, we have settled and tried serious cases on countless occasions before the Frederick County Courts.  Further, our clients have repeatedly voiced their pleasure with both our results and five star service.

Unlike most if not any of our competitors, we recover one million dollars in automobile accident cases every month of the year.  If you speak Spanish, Korean or Chinese and live in Frederick, our injury firm was designed to help you.

The experienced lawyers in our injury practice group have litigated cases before Frederick County judges for more than 20 years. We think of ourselves as the top accident attorneys in Frederick. Our firm is unique in that we have two attorneys who are members of, "The National Top 100 Trial Attorneys" and maintain Avvo's highest rating of 10.0  Further, we are one of the most highly rated injury firms in Maryland based on our countless 5.0 star client reviews. We believe our local connection to the community gives Frederick County residents an edge.

For injury cases we offer Four Tips for Pursuing a Frederick, Maryland Injury Case.  If the case is an automobile accident, initially you should review our Ten Most Frequent Questions asked by Frederick Automobile Accident Clients at the Initial Consultation.

For further helpful guidance on how to properly proceed in an injury case, you may view the following YouTube videos:

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