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Actions you take immediately after a Columbia auto accident will affect your personal injury recovery!

2015 Litigator Award Winners

Most crash victims do not understand that an auto accident entails complicated issues, including:

•· What should never be discussed with the Adjuster;

•· The two critical guidelines to follow when seeking medical treatment;

•· The method to "get more" for your property damage and an immediate rental car;

•· The one document always needed for your lost wage recovery, and other critical accident related proof;

•· The three essentials for building and evaluating the case for pain and suffering compensation.

The main office of our law firm has been located in Howard County for approximately 25 years. Our auto accident attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience in helping accident clients recover more than $185 million. Our staff and personal injury attorneys are Howard County residents, including Mr. and Mrs. Portner.  Consequently, we understand the unique characteristics of the area and are familiar with the judges and prosecutors in court.

The trial lawyers in our injury practice group have litigated cases before Howard County judges for over 25 years. We think of ourselves as top accident attorneys. In fact, we are one of the most highly rated injury firms in Maryland with two attorneys as members of The National Top 100 Trial Laywers and possessing Avvo's highest 10.0 rating. Further, we have been awarded the 2015 Litigator Award four our outstanding results in personal injury law and we have been featured on CNN and in the Wall Street Journal. We believe our local connection gives our clients an edge when using our injury firm for Howard County automobile accidents.  See, What Makes Portner & Shure Better Than Other Personal Injury Attorneys in Columbia and Ellicott City.

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Currently, Columbia alone has a population of 90,000, making it one of the largest cities in Maryland.  Columbia has large Hispanic and Asian communities.  Our staff is unique in that they can speak Spanish, Korean, and Chinese. Our exceptional results and success have been noted for years on both Univision and Telemundo in the Spanish community. In the Korean community, we are routinely featured for our success in the Korean Times, the Korean Daily News, and the Entertainment Weekly. The Chinese community newspapers, the World Journal and the Washington Chinese News also feature our results routinely.

Columbia Office

All of our personal injury clients in Columbia have easy walk-in access to our personal injury paralegals and attorneys. In fact, even our Chinese, Spanish and Korean auto accident clients can meet with an attorney and legal assistant at 7226 Lee DeForest Drive, Suite 101, Columbia, Maryland 21046 at whatever time is convenient for them. We offer free consultations 24/7, and there is no attorney's fee if we do not win your case.

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